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Online-offline integration for small Made in Italy excellences

After a solid experience as a Manager in large companies, in Marketing and as CEO, for several years I have now been working with the consulting company I founded, Company Future Profile, to support the growth of small and large brands.

Over the years I have developed a significant competence on Social media, through my Instagram account @franci_chelli followed by 105k followers with a high engagement, and on the web too with my blog My Style Notebook. Through this platform, my strategic and commercial consulting projects for brands are also integrated with communication plans.

Here are some considerations and "best practices" based on my experience on the activities I carry out to support the growth and consolidation of brands on the Italian market.

· Made in Italy in the fashion world and in general is made up of many realities, sometimes small or very small, often created on solid product bases that do not always have managerial skills behind them

· For these brands, eCommerce is essential to have access to the market and those who have not yet implemented it, possibly working well, do not have reasonable expectations of growing and selling their products beyond their personal network

· Traditional distribution is increasingly complicated and burdensome to approach, dominated by single-brand stores of international griffes. Multi-brand wholesale is in difficulty and there are fewer and fewer serious and reliable players, though with some exceptions

I started supporting many small businesses with excellent products, through communication on my social and digital platform. So far so good to discover young designers, interesting brands consistent with my increasingly personal style - not homologated or trivialized by large brands too standardized by now - to tell the stories behind these small realities.

Many requests from my audience on the products described: "beautiful, where can I find it?", These requests do not always translate into sales as online shopping can still be a barrier, especially when you don't know the brand, you still want to try the dress, the size (think of footwear) can be a problem if you haven't already bought any.

The idea is therefore to integrate online and offline, creating 2 or 3 day Private Sales events for the brands I collaborate with, able to offer a complete "package":

· Pleasant shopping experience aimed at a target selected from personal and the brands involved DBs, in addition to word of mouth generated by communication on social networks. The possibility of personal interaction between the stylist/entrepreneur and the customer is a value highly appreciated by end customers

· Location in large cities where the greatest potential is concentrated - Milan is clearly the most important market -, central and shopping areas, amazing and welcoming spaces at lower cost than the much-used "pop-up stores" on the street

· Invitations via WhatsApp to the selected target with all the necessary information and attractive graphics

· Communication before, during and after the event on social networks in my accounts through posts, stories, reels and Instagram direct that involve a wider audience both for sales during Private Sales and to make the brands generate awareness, contacts and subsequent purchases. Shooting on the brands’ social networks of all the contents that have been reposted, creating further communication and visibility.

At this link it is possible to see the IG live made at the Via Bigli location during the Private Sales

These activities, in addition to generating turnover, which is so important for these realities in the short term, bring new customers and create synergies between the brands that participate and which in turn interact positively with each other.

The Private Sales organized on 10, 11 and 12 December in Via Bigli in Milan with 8 complementary and well-assorted brands and product categories were an example of success: Alto Milano (socks), Anna Baiguera (footwear), Caramì (lingerie and activewear), Desantis by Alvarez (clothing), Flora Lastraioli (lingerie), Gardoni Art (foulard) Make Your Jewel (jewelry), MM33 (bags).

The selection I personally made of these brands, each of them Made in Italy excellence and consistent with my style, was a fundamental ingredient for the success of the initiative.

Given the excellent results, the Private Sales will be replicated in the next few days with some of these same brands, very satisfied with the activity carried out.

The model also applies to other sectors, obviously taking into account specificities.

In January there will be a Private Sales event, again in the charming and welcoming location of Via Bigli, with the theme "Wellbeing & Beauty":

· Concept: the beginning of the year is a time of good intentions, regeneration, detoxification from some festive excess. The perfect time to take some time for yourself

· Product categories and experiences involved:

o Yoga school

o Hair salon

o Natural fruit and plant extracts

o Skin Care

o Resort / Hotel

o Hair Products

o Other Beauty products

o Room fragrances

o Massages and beauty treatments

I thank the brands for participating in the Private Sales on 10, 11 and 12 December

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