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...Et de Milan

Before being dedicated to the Milanese author, Via Manzoni was named “Corsia del Giardino” and in the Nineteenth century was considered the most luxury street in Europe.

The Grand Hotel et de Milan overlooks this street since 1863 and its history is tightly linked since 150 years to the history of the city of Milano.

Since my childish memories this has always been one of the most elegant and characteristic corners of this city. There are some days when I might pass in front of this Hotel even two or three times, and how many times I had the occasion for a drink or to meet someone for business.

This Hotel is for me the exemplification and the symbol of the two key features of Milano, elegance and dynamism. The secret of Milano lays exactly in this: keep a fast pace with impeccable style. And the 'de Milan' perfectly embodies this concept, to start by its location, in the heart of the Milanese centre, melting pot of cahotic crosswalks, crossways of tram, historical boutiques, the Poldi Pezzoli museum almost in front, the La Scala a little further away, the Pertini starway on Piazzetta Crocerossa. And through its elegance and refined style right at the entrance you get into a peaceful oasis, still in the middle of the excited pace and the hectic Milanese activity.

This Hotel history is fascinating. It has become particularly renown to the public since1872, when the composer Giuseppe Verdi chose it as his Milanese favorite dwelling, taking advantage of its proximity next to La Scala theatre. Very many prestigious guests lodged in the suites and still nowadays it is possible to see traces of their stay through autographs, pictures, biographies and belongings objects.

Today I was at the Caruso's Restaurant-cafè of the 'et de Milan', dedicated to Enrico Caruso, Hotel famous guest too. Its veranda enlightened by precious Murano chandeliers from the Twenties' makes of it a bistrot which shows all the atmosphere of the Milanese history, with a unique flavor that has nothing to envy to other European cities, also enriched by contemporary touches, such as the walls visible in the pictures. A light and silent Paradise with an historical allure, allowing to half-see through its glass windows the city activity in muffled way, to recover from the fast lively pace, thanks to the very pleasant ambiance and a polished service.

In line with this retro style, today I was wearing a Givenchy skirt I am in love with for its very original cut, sweet and wrapping, smooth and rich with ruches. I have matched it with a silk georgette shirt designed in black and white, decorated as well with ruches.

My outfit is paired with black Dior pumps having sensational heels and with a Louis Vuitton Twist bag, dressed-up with an funny owl, glitter decorated. I like so much this bag that I use it indifferently daily or at night, interpreting the Milanese style that plays with the curated detail as the main look characteristic, with no worries about some vanity touch.

Writer and journalist Carlo Castellaneta - who had a real devotion for Milano - used to say: 'There are cities with obvious beauty which give themselves to everybody, and other cities which are secret, and love to be discovered'.

Adorable Milano.

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