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Ibiza in a little bit more than 48 hours

Ibiza is well known for being the island of entertainment, discos and sunny beaches. In reality, in just over 48 hours I discovered that Ibiza has multiple souls and much more profound than that, with special niches that are worth exploring, I will give you a taste about in this article to suggest you what to do, if you are passing by for a few days on vacation.

Let's start with the exceptional cultural and natural richness of many of its places: the Phoenician remains of sa Caleta, the fortified city of Dalt Vila, the natural reserve of ses Salines, all easily accessible spots I recommend you to visit.

I must say that I fell in love with the fortified city of Dalt Vila, where I walked around in every single corner. It may also be because I stayed at the Hotel Mirador de Dalt Vila which I highly recommend,

a Boutique Hotel, originally an ancient colonial house today Relais Chateaux of baroque charm and beauty, located in a privileged position, dominating the whole city and the port, offering a breathtaking view being the highest point of the town above the ancient walls of the old upper town.

The sound of the sirens of the ships when depart and arrive, together with the ringing of the bells of the nearby Cathedral of Santa Maria, the breeze that moves the palms in front of the Hotel's facade and the extraordinary light from morning to evening, linked to the impeccable service, they all make a place that is hard to leave and that I strongly recommend.

Waking up early and after a wonderful and rich breakfast at the hotel,

you can decide to spend half a day at the beach. In this case I suggest Sas Salinas, easily reachable and where to find a very comfortable Beach Club, a turquoise and crystalline green water and a very white sand, to be enjoyed wearing a romantic Chantelle Paris bikini.

In the hottest hour, instead of staying at the beach I suggest you to move to Sluiz, located near the village of Santa Gertrude, where you can live an extraordinary experience.

I recommend that you arrive at around 2 pm, the perfect time for the rhythms of Ibiza to sit and have a break at the bar restaurant, where you can enjoy the fresh menu, which varies according to the seasons. Try the extracted juices, really delicious!

And after tasting the seasonal menu, off to visit the 6,000 square meters of this extraordinary spot, where it is all about being surprised, entertained, sometimes a bit destabilized and literally overwhelmed by all that is exposed and presented.Here you can find items that are possible and impossible for your home, your closet and your soul. Unconventional, original, disruptive. One would like to buy everything, the prices are affordable and the items are truly unique, island-style but exportable.

When you think you have seen and bought enough at Sluiz, it's time to go and visit the nearby village of Santa Gertrude, a very local-flavored village, chosen by many holiday makers on the island.

Now it's late afternoon, the light is wonderful, it's the right time to place yourself to stare at the view of Ibiza from the top of the walls, letting yourself be lulled by the gentle wind and the sounds of life that is preparing for the evening.

And maybe take a walk in the tiny shops of the village. The spirit of the island is inspiring for the choice of the outfits, so as to go towards the sunset you can wear this sea blue métis dress, matching it with the wooden glasses with mirrored lenses by Italian Wood, perfect because flexible and resistant, light and suitable for hot climates, as wood is a material that lets the skin breathe and does not deform with the heat.

Put some colored dresses in the suitcase for Ibiza, the others you will buy here. And then just add some essential accessories that will get you into the island mood: ultra flat sandals, straw or raffia bags, a wide-brimmed hat. Bracelets like these to accompany you in the summer can be found in the little shops.

This typical ethno-chic style of the island is interpreted by the collection presented in the Dior pop-up store open until October in the Ibiza Marina, where special and limited edition pieces can be found, not available in other Dior boutiques.

It is a particular Ibiza style in this warm and windy island, where the spirit feels free, wild and a bit rebellious.

And you want to walk barefoot up and down the stone stairs and alleys in the upper town, wearing a total white maxidress like this for example, for a candid look for the day that makes you feel fresh and with a super light spirit , to enjoy this wonderful panorama.

Strolling around a little bit in the alleys, where behind every corner you discover something special that flavors of colors, lightness and summer.

And you always wish to stop for a nibble of the typical tapas, as an aperitif, here in the Plaza del Sol in the upper town,

or at the famous Café Mar y Sol, right in front of the harbor, where so much life on this island is moving and you can breathe so much dynamism at any time of day.

Another quirk of this island is to always wear a hat, to protect from the very strong sun, and also to complete the look with an accessory that in the summer of 2019 is even more essential than usual to complete the bohemian style look.

And you certainly can't miss a python style bikini, when you stare at the sea, feeling the warm wind in your hair. Ibiza let me come back soon...

Occhiali Italian Wood

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