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The Good Wellness Habits

When you can see with your own eyes and above all experience yourself through your sensations the benefits that are brought to the whole organism as soon as you begin to follow or reinforce certain paths of well-being, you ask yourself why you hadn't started before.

We all go out to dinner, travel, occasionally overdriven or have less time - but if you get used to having a wellness routine you create a habit of healthy living that you will hardly want to abandon.

January is certainly the best time to start a wellness journey. It may be that during the holidays we exaggerated a little, at the same time we are at a sufficient distance from the Summer season which has always been the watershed to run for cover on many fronts, fitness, skin, hair, ..

In this article I will talk about the good habits that make us feel good, indulging ourselves and make us more beautiful, in better shape, more mentally bright and less tired.

I'm starting with BABASUCCO a product that is comfortably delivered at home.

I got to do a detox cycle that I had planned on a day not too stressful for work and without lunches or dinners outside. These juices, obtained by cold pressing of fresh fruit and vegetables according to a process that maintains all the properties of vitamins, minerals and enzymes unaltered, have been specifically studied with recipes created to balance our body. You can choose whether to do a one day cycle with detox to start, three days to begin losing weight, five days to fully regenerate.

The treatment involves six juices to drink during the day as meal replacements, one every two or three hours. I started in the morning with the number 1 Detox bottle which contains fennel, green apple, celery, lime, mint, spinach and spirulina algae. This very fresh mix to taste, protects the body from free radicals in excess and slows down the cell aging process: can be enough to start?? In mid-morning as appetite suppressant, I went with juice n. 2 Digestive, a concentrated of pineapple, carrots, ginger and papaya. Very tasty, with a spicy aftertaste given by the ginger, it also gives a feeling of purification already in the mouth. The juice n. 3 Antiage was my lunch, with beetroot, apple, lemon, cucumber and açai berries, the taste is sweet and citrusy, a reinforcement of the immune system. I arrive light in the early afternoon with a remarkable feeling of well-being and I drink juice 4 which is called Tonic. It consists of alkalized mineral water with lemon, agave and cayenne pepper and purifies me of harmful substances by accelerating the basal metabolism. I continue with n. 5 as a snack, with a draining effect based on melon, pear, chia seeds and parsley. This juice has diuretic, anti-inflammatory and anti-bloating properties. The feeling of lightness has increased.

Here we are, I got to dinner - and not at all hungry! Now it's time for the number 6 juice, a white shade, I like its taste of almonds, agave juice, with the addition of Himalayan salt and hemp proteins, it is more full-bodied than the other juices, it satisfies , I drink it in one breath and with this one I end up the cycle of one day.

After a peaceful sleep, the next day the belly is very flat, all swelling has disappeared. The feeling is of a pleasant well-being and lightness. The draining effect is maximum.

Very bright skin. Detox worked! Definitely to be repeated periodically.

In the recent months I have enriched my diet with the supplements of Laboratoires Vitarmonyl, a subsidiary of the French HAVEA Group, a pioneer and protagonist in the food supplement sector, which thanks to the constant research of biology applied to nutrition in a scientific way, creates products based on natural principles and innovative expertise, all registered with the Ministry of Health.

You can really feel the use of natural principles, the rigorous selection of ingredients and the high quality standards: I can no longer do without these supplements in my daily life and I will tell you my program below.

I start from the Beauty of the skin, a very important topic for women. Since using this supplement, a pearl every morning, my skin has not only unexperienced any type of inflammation anymore, but the level of hydration and elasticity has improved. I noticed it on the skin of the whole body which, especially in the winter months, tends to be drier. The synergistic action of Borage oil and Evening Primrose oil contained in this supplement contributes to maintaining the elasticity and softness of the skin, giving it a healthy, hydrated and luminous appearance that is really noticeable!

In the Winter months I then began taking the Royal Jelly + Vitamin C supplement every morning, another must of my program. Royal jelly is one of the most precious product of the hive; produced by suckler bees, it is reserved as the only food for the queen bee for the duration of her life; if you think that this special treatment gives an incredible longevity to the queen bee: she lives up to 4 or 5 years, against the 45 days of a worker bee. Already just this description should induce everyone to take every day this noble food which brings many benefits, among which: the increase in immune defenses also thanks to the vitamin C that Vitarmonyl has added, an invigorating and anti-physical and mental fatigue effect, the slowing of skin aging, an antibacterial function. I would say it is a real restorative effect, one of my secrets to always be active and full of energy! And finally another beneficial supplement of this trio is the Cranberry, a small red berry native to North America that has antioxidant properties and promotes the functionality of the urinary tract.

Another key component in my diet is called Optima and it's a food supplement of vitamins, zinc, wheat proteins, sesame proteins and bamboo extract. The particular innovative formula contains 125 mg of Keratin of natural origin, supplemented with vitamins E, B2, zinc, fatty acids and horsetail which contribute to the protection of cells from oxidative stress, in addition to other ingredients, among which the vitamin B8, cystine and methionine, sulfur amino acids components of keratin, which help maintain my thick hair and healthy nails.

Another supplement that I use widely and that I recommend, very important especially in this winter season, is the multivitamin filler, 12 vitamins + 8 trace elements with the addition of Guarana. This complex helps me to stay energetic and active, bringing a high concentration of nutrients, including iron, magnesium, vitamin C helping the metabolism and reducing tiredness and fatigue.

I have been attending the Accademia Palermo 8 for several years in the heart of Brera in Milan where I usually practice yoga and where I also started to follow the mindfulness courses taught by teacher Paola Ginevra.

These practices allow us to acquire a mental and physical well-being that never abandons us, even in the difficult or stressful moments that life places before us.

I think at the beginning of the year it is healthy to set these activities on your agenda devoting some time to them.

Yoga is the oldest psychophysical discipline. It combines an intense and deep whole body workout with careful and guided breathing practice. Concentration on positions, movement and breath lead to a meditative flow freeing the mind. Training is complete and preparatory to any other physical activity.

Each practice helps to find the center and balance and increases the attitude to presence, while the body gradually acquires more strength, flexibility and control ability.

The room on the third floor has recently been inaugurated where the practice of mindfulness is carried out in a quiet and relaxing environment.

Mindfulness has particular contents. It means paying attention to the present moment, with intention, with a non-judgmental approach but simply observation. It is about acquiring a greater awareness of the life experience that we face every day, which teaches us not to reject the possible discomfort that sooner or later in one way or another we all feel, making it a reason for growth and even creativity . The acceptance of what is happening to us and around us becomes easier.

When it comes to skin face beauty, one cannot avoid talking about professional peeling, in particular a protocol that has the purpose not so much of exfoliating as much as revitalizing the skin tissue, counteracting all aspects of aging, from photo aging all muscle and bone atrophy under the skin, stimulating the subcutaneous micro-circulation.

Aging of the skin is a chronic, progressive and unstoppable process with a decrease in vascular flow. A treatment plan should be established, where glycolic acid peels are performed regularly and close intervals every fifteen days.

This determines a vascular and summative effect, as can be seen from the graph that I'm showing you above, that is to say that the beneficial effects on the lipid mantle and on the vascularization are more and more intensified.

I regularly undergo peelings at the Marcucci Studio in Milan where Dr. Marcucci and her team take care of my skin in an extremely professional and appropriate way based on my needs.

For the beauty of the skin it is imperative to follow a daily beauty routine that includes an anti-aging and deep cleansing of the face, to eliminate any impurities present on the skin and keep it young, bright and healthy, preparing it to receive subsequent treatments. At the base of a perfect complexion there is a perfectly cleansed, purified and detoxified skin.

I follow the La Prairie cleansing protocol, starting with the Supreme Balm Cleanser which allows an unprecedented deep and gentle cleansing, removes make-up, soothes the skin, wrapping it pleasantly and transforming from a soft balm to a silky oil during application, until it becomes a milky emulsion with the addition of a few drops of warm water. All the impurities and stress of the day are shed and the skin is soft, smooth and hydrated.

Then I apply on the eyes and face Crystal Micellar Water Eyes-Face, formulated with Swiss glacier water enriched with minerals and soothing ingredients, that removes make-up without the need for water and to follow a pass, all over the face, with the precious Cellular refining lotion, a gentle alcohol-free tonic, which calms and softens the skin, promoting the optimal level of hydration and giving firming benefits.

In my wellness practices I don't miss sauna.

During my stay in Andermatt I usually go to the SPA of The Chedi Hotel and Radisson Blu, to end my intense days and I derive many positive effects out of this.

The sauna in fact promotes a deep cleansing and purification of the skin: the elimination of toxins has a purifying, toning and relaxing effect. Furthermore, the increase in body temperature has beneficial effects on the musculature which decreases its tension. The change in temperature improves the central and peripheral circulatory system.

While I'm closing the article, I'm trying the SoShape program these days and I will further update you. It was delivered to me at home and among other things it has a beautiful packaging. It is a healthy, simple, yummy and effective method to regain weight after some excess or to gain a real slimming effect. In practice, meals are replaced with 22 sweet and savory flavors. You must choose a challenge based on the number of days depending on your goals (5, 14, 28 days) by taking a smart meal in the morning and one in the evening, while lunch is free. There is also the flexibility to inter change meals according to your needs. It is an excellent way, for example, to organize lunch when working or when being around, avoiding being attracted to unhealthy foods. There are also preparations for snacks to be used if you are hungry between meals.

All meals are complete of micro and macro food elements, developed with nutritionists to allow for healthy weight loss and no food shortages.

Follow me on instagram where I will give you further updates.

I would say that I have transmitted you a series of information to prepare a program from January to get you in shape from January to spring!

Vitarmonyl Instagram: @Vitarmonyl_italia FaceBook: Vitarmonyl Italia

Accademia Palermo 8, Via Palermo 8 , 20121 Milano

Studio Marcucci, Via D.Albertario 9, 20125 Milano

Andermatt Swiss Alps

SoShape Instagram @soshape_it

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