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On Love You Live at Villa Le Prata

How many times do we dream of leaving for a destination able to satisfy our desires and interests in the same territory through new, fun and satisfying experiences? In balance between the beauty and charm of the place and a variety of activities that bring added value to our holiday, making us back home with new feelings in our soul?

I spent several days at Villa Le Prata which is located just outside Montalcino, where I lived an experience that encompasses all this and more. A holiday that has character and originality, in the charming residence immersed above all in a breathtaking natural context, among Brunello vineyards, centuries-old chestnut trees and cherry trees, surrounded in the distance by drawn hills, of which you do not know how to choose the best perspective, kissed by the sun on its daily journey.

And then the structure, a villa born as a hunting reserve in 1860, fascinating itself in every corner and with the good fortune of now belonging to Bernardo Losappio, who in addition to being a lawyer born and lived in this environment of great charm, is also an art collector and every now and then he comes up with new pieces found here and there, snatching from the mouth of his wife Anna Vittoria, owner and director of the entire structure, a 'they don't fit anywhere, bring them back!'

As expected the right place for everything is found and the result is admirable: eight rooms different from each other depending on the furniture and colors, with identities inspired by a painter, or an architect or even the Bishop, as one of the rooms was for a long time the Bishop's Residence in Montalcino, being the Villa then owned by the Curia.

Staying in environments of this kind is already itself a balm for the spirit, because beauty is good for the heart and every single detail here gives joy and a sense of inner peace coming from being in spaces with a refined and original character, at the same time feeling cared for in every need. A few examples: the pillow menu in each room and attention to the environment with the plastic free amenities.

And then breakfast, full of artisan products and served on the veranda or in the garden, and the lunch that can be around the stone pool overlooking the vineyards,

or in the large park of the villa where weddings are also celebrated. And the original experience of a picnic specially organized in the vineyards,

where you can also romantically dine as a couple.

Here, it is precisely this freedom to move within spaces sight lost in the surrounding nature that is good for the soul and makes every morning different and special.

Through the ad-hoc organized experiences you can then go to the territory discovery between a tour on the hills with the Vespa - you can choose between seven different ones, even one from 1956, perfectly maintained, also collected by the owner, ideal for entering into the live in this fascinating land.

And then get on a mountain bike and go up and down dirt roads and hills, to discover places that could not be reached in any other way, such as Sant'Antimo Abbey, Benedictine monastery of the twelfth century, one of the most beautiful examples of Romanesque style in Tuscany, which is located in a silent and immaculate place and the the Madonna of Vitaleta Chapel, surrounded by wheat fields and rows of cypresses.

Or in season hunting for truffles in the Crete Senesi and at sunset with helmets batteries crossing wooded paths to discover a nature that never sleeps between animals and unexpected views, ending the day with a barbecue dinner.

And in the garden peace, having a personal trainer for a Pilates and body flying lesson overlooking the vineyards is one of the activities I had never tried before.

In addition to being a destination of charm, Villa Le Prata is also a farm that has a cellar and four vineyards in which three varieties of Brunello di Montalcino are produced - DOCG, Riserva and DOC - carrying out tastings and well-kept courses within Villa park, under centuries-old trees, accompanied by the precious spiced extra virgin olive oil, extracted every year from the three hundred olive trees of the property.

The concept pervading this place is 'On Love you live'. The love for what you do and handed down over time, allowing others to savor the experience. The eclectic personality and generous spirit of the owners envelop and maintain the nature and environment of this place where the gratitude of those who appreciate this beauty is shared.

Loc. Le Prata, 261 53024 Montalcino (SI) Italy

Tour in Bike e Vespa con Giuliofranco De Angelis @giuliofrancodeangelis

Personal trainer Carla del Centro fitness Genesis Montalcino @Gymilex

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