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The Recipe of Longevity at Palazzo Fiuggi

Over time I realized that what has priority on the scale of values is one's own well-being, understood as psychophysical balance. It is precisely the solidity of this balance that helps to face life and its innumerable facets. An important balance capable of determining individual longevity.

I had the wonderful opportunity to spend a few days at Palazzo Fiuggi, a refined and majestic destination, a masterpiece of Art Nouveau and the result of a long and careful restyling. Here I relied on the competence and experience of the team of doctors and therapists who helped me to bring the center back to myself, my needs and my rhythms that too often life makes us forget.

In this secluded place on top of a hill that overlooks the village of Fiuggi, which has always been renowned for its healing waters and which I was surprised to see whitened by an abundant snowfall during my stay, I was able to experience a real own integrated method that by merging the ancient holistic disciplines with Western medicine, creates a very profound approach that elevates therapy beyond the simple treatment of symptoms, to the explanation of why these symptoms occur and to specific treatment protocols to address them.

From the first moment you cross the threshold of the building, the feeling is that you can rely on it. The structure is truly splendid, the atmosphere and the refinement of other times surrounding you, help to reconnect with what we are part of and where we must feel at our best, mentally and physically.

Kings, celebrities and cultural figures such as Pirandello, Picasso, D'Annunzio, Eleonora Duse, or in the 1960s DeSica, De Filippo, Rossellini and Ingrid Bergman have passed between these walls and in these rooms. All with the aim of regenerating thanks to the renowned waters of Fiuggi.

You are welcomed with grace and kindness, in some way you are already known, as you have filled out the questionnaire received before arriving, which together with some specific tests made immediately upon arrival with the use of cutting-edge techniques - such as Nilas Bioresonance to have a global indication of the individual health situation and 3D Body scanning (Styku) which creates a 3D model of the body and allows immediate insights into body composition goals - along with a chat about one's lifestyle with Dr. Lorenzo De Stefano. The results give rise to the personalized program based on a precise diagnosis and establish the objectives for the stay that refer to four cardinal principles: Purify, Nourish, Energize, and Reconnect. The programs include stays of different lengths, from 3 to 14 days - I have done 3 days - and each has specific characteristics, among others: Complete Life Rewind, Deep Detox, Optimal Weight, Immuno Boost and Post Covid ...

"We are what we eat", to live better and longer it is scientifically proven that proper nutrition is essential, supported by regular physical activity and a healthy lifestyle. With the nutritionist Fabrizio Di Salvo you focus on your eating habits deriving valuable suggestions that are immediately put into practice through the personalized, greedy and tasty menus of the three-starred Chef Heinz Beck - every day dishes full of creativity and taste, which would be an understatement. define "diet", with zero km ingredients, wild fish, wisely mixed herbs and flavors, recipes that make the meal a very pleasant moment and not at all punitive. No red meat, cheese, wine, coffee. The organism is purified, it becomes stronger, the mind clearer, the sleep more restorative, and the soul is freed lightly. As well as the body that begins to lose the superfluous - even the skinny have it! - transforming it into muscle mass, it becomes more toned, the skin smoother and more luminous. In short, the clock goes back!

The approach is very open, the medical team is involved and becomes part of our confidences. We open up and understand that the little pain, that little disturbance or annoyance depends on a lifestyle that must be changed even in small daily gestures. There is an answer to understanding how our body reacts to suggestions for preventing disease and regenerating itself.

And then the water of Fiuggi, the origin and the common thread that unites everything. In every room and at every corner there are containers of this water rich in purifying and restoring the immune system properties, so important to keep it intact. The Fountain of Youth, in the area of the Roman Baths with a view of the old city, is my daily appointment where I drink my glasses of water according to the suggested daily cadence.

Facilities and equipment are very modern. Integrated within spaces of great elegance and charm, you can find everything you need for well-being: Spa, Beauty Center, Roman Baths, the Medical area with advanced therapies and methods, Fitness equipment in the "Movement lab", etc. The 6000 square meter SPA is impressive and well-kept, among the elegant marbles it helps to take me to another dimension.

It is here where I carry out my treatments, according to an agenda established by the protocol: welcome Hamman, Aromatherapy mind release,

Hydrotherapy treatment with its three-step ritual, Psammo therapy from ancient Egypt for deep relaxation and to improve blood circulation, SPA Wave therapy based on sounds and vibrations to reduce stress.

Regular physical activity, also in this case tailor-made, is essential for overall well-being. In Palazzo Fiuggi there is no gym, it would be an understatement to call it that, but a "Movement Lab" located in the former ballroom with large windows and innovative equipment, including a Virtual Reality machine called Icarus with which to have the flight experience ... without burning your wings like the mythological character from which it takes its name. Here I was able, among other things, to do Kickboxing lessons with the trainer Mauro, super competent and always available.

Other important chapters are dedicated to Aesthetic Medicine with all the more or less profound treatments that one could wish for, including PRP, Platelet Rich Plasma, regenerative therapy with growth factors deriving from one's own plasma, which allow a deep regeneration and a rejuvenation of the skin in every part of the body.

And Ayurvedic Medicine with Dr. Vikas Gupta specialist in the field of Ayurveda and mind-body medicine, a real "science of life" that deserves a separate chapter and which I will talk about in a future article.

Palazzo Fiuggi is not only mazing treatments and programs for well-being, but also an example of hospitality in which the details are always a step above expectations: refined and furnished rooms and suites with real pieces of art and wonderful views, the manicured gardens and the 8.5-hectare park surrounding the building and the Italian hospitality to make everything simple, pleasant and informal.

The Thalassotherapy ritual was another memorable moment. I immersed myself in salty water with high buoyancy and rich in mineral mud enriched with magnesium with therapeutic benefits for the skin, joints and bones, inside the heart of the Spa of Palazzo Fiuggi.

The purifying therapy of the Augfuss will always remain in my memory followed by the Nidra Meditation with Tibetan bells, in a relaxing environment I immersed myself surrounded by a bath of sounds and vibrations transporting me to another dimension, of relaxation and alleviation of the spirit.

Now I just want to return to this place that has left me with important well-being: I have relaxed my mind and body, checked and improved my lifestyle, lost more than a kilo, increased muscle mass, rejuvenated the skin of my face and body, learned to feed myself and play sports in a healthier and more consistent way according to my needs.

Here you learn how to give more care to your body and soul.


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