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The Quiet Luxury

Aggiornamento: 31 gen

There is a lot to say about 'quiet luxury' as if it were the trend of moment.

In my opinion 'silent and peaceful luxury' is more than a trend, it's a real lifestyle expressed in various areas which has always existed for those who experience it spontaneusly as a more sober, essential and refined approach.

It is the search for a timeless aesthetic in everything, from the choice of travel destinations, places that are discreet and without show-off. By wearing valuable and quality garments, who do not scream but whisper elegance. And also to the furnishing, inspired by the classic that instills comfort and well-being.

What you chose becomes a silent declaration of your taste, of your individuality. A philosophy overlooking more at substance and autenthicity than at brazen appearance, distancing itself from fashionable and showy display to move towards a more sober, essential and refined approach, both in fashion, and design, as in travel.

In fashion attention is placed on details, on the quality of materials, on natural fabrics, on simple and timeless silhouette.

The style of Loro Piana, Celine, Loewe, Max Mara, The Row, to name a few brands, in which no emblazoned and blatantly recognizable logo is in sight to communicate its origin and a conceivable cost. Natural shades garments with subtle tones, in white, grey, brown and dark green nuances, with impeccable lines easy recognizebles only by those with a keen eye capable of detecting the frabrics' quality and cut. The goal is to own a few pieces with a durability that goes beyond passing fads.

Silent luxury is found in architecture too, across projets that favour a more harmonious relationship between interiors and exteriors, between man and nature through the use of exquisite and organic raw materials. Spaces where only light, shape and materials become relevant. Environments where every detail is measured and exudes an idea of unobtrusive wealth, of relaxed and warm luxury, endorsing attractive rather than opulent spaces.

As well as across Hospitality, in whispered names spots with discreet atmospheres.

Winter invites to carve out room for reflection and calm, and I had the opportunity to spend a few days in the silence of the enchanting Bressanone and its surrondings. A destination of ancient and noble elegance that perfectly embodies this concept, mirrored in the hotels where I stayed. The Adler fascinating historical residence from the 1500, a combination of tradition recovery and contemporary architecture, where emotional connections raise together with history and the atmosphere they evoke.

And My Arbor, an hotel among the trees, a house blending into the landscape as if it were an integral part of the greenery and the Dolomites, with a contemporary and essential design in a magical whole, between forest and sky that priviledges exclusive experiences.

At the center of this quiet luxury concept lays the renunciation of the superfluous in favor of more conscious and sophisticated choices, which give value to individual and social well-being, meaning that comfort can also be experienced according to changes in society and historical period along we are living.

The idea is to stop making impulse choices, investing in quality time and pieces, destined to accompany us without ever going out of fashion and giving us a journey to rediscover essential things, the ones perfectly made. Which is true luxury.

Discreet luxury promotes the perennial search for essence - and absence - a luxury that leads to subtraction, enhancing personal taste and encouraging uniqueness.

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