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Living the magic of Barbagia at Su Gologone Experience Hotel

The journey to get to this magical place crosses an uncontaminated and silent nature that already prepares the soul to meet a unique and special reality.

This is a place of experiences, starting with its conception: a widespread hotel, which develops through corners all different from each other, the rooms scattered among courtyards, lush vegetation, the swimming pool, stairs, stoups, armchairs and seats here and there...

... which leads to wanting to find out everything immediately. But like all fascinating things it can only be revealed a little at a time, walking through it, stopping to admire the attention to every detail and reaching its top where a breathtaking view opens up on the silent and imposing mountains of Barbagia and where the owner Giovanna Palimodde, the soul of this place, has created its beating heart.

Here you can find the Botteghe d'arte obtained where the ancient stables were, located at the top of the hotel.

You can find design creations, fabrics, clothes, furnishing accessories, which Giovanna, stylist and designer, creates and has produced in her land by skilled craftsmen, everything "atto a manus" (handmade).

And it is here that you can follow the jewelry course with Franca or the creation of clay objects with Maria.

Then move to the terrace of the Magico Tablao bar or to the nearby Champagnoteque to sip an aperitif at sunset in the breeze that caresses the leaves of the centenary trees overlooking the Supramonte.

A few meters away there is the "Cactus garden" dedicated to Aurelio Galleppini, the Sardinian-born designer of Tex Willer, who never left Italy, but was inspired, for his landscapes, by the rocks and white karst stones of this area, so similar to the deserts of the Far West.

The evening continues at the Nido del Pane, a courtyard where in some special evenings you can enjoy a traditional menu dinner with recipes that are prepared in a wood oven, with everything that the flour and the expert hands of the women of this region can prepare: many types of bread, focaccia and tasty pizzas as well as cold cuts and vegetables from the garden.

It is also here at the top that there are two other special places: the terrace of desires and the terrace of dreams. Spaces overlooking a magical land that surrounds the hotel.The first with glass amphorae where you can insert cards with your wishes so that they come true, the other all in lilac which is the color of dreams.From these terraces the view of the stars is truly splendid.

This summer's latest addition Sos Nidos (The Nests), created by Giovanna's volcanic genius and continuous search, where you can sip an aperitif at sunset and cross the door that connects an uncontaminated land to this space made of natural elements, such as the nests of juniper branches that welcome us and make us feel part of this infinite spectacle of nature.

What is the secret of this unique place? The total fusion with a primordial nature that generates energy and brings peace to those who choose to spend time there, which flies too fast alas, between the activities inside the structure ...

... and excursions in the area to discover the true soul of this wonderful island: the source of Su Gologone with its emerald waters, from which the hotel takes its name, the archaeological area of Tiscali, Orgosolo with its murals, ...

... or simply enjoying the style of the rooms, which are also seamless between the interior and the surrounding nature.

Just think that have stayed in our suite celebrities such as Beyoncè (just a few weeks ago), Madonna, Richard Gere, Ray Charles and many others who have found privacy and relaxation here.

And what about the Sardinian cuisine and specialties that can be tasted in the typical restaurant, origin of the structure and still today one of the best and most famous of the whole island, where in the different corners, always well cared for in every detail, the accents of the locals with the languages of tourists from all over the world.

But that's not all. Hotel Su Gologone is also the ideal destination for retreats and business meetings, conferences, weddings and parties in a dedicated area that does not interfere with the rest of the resort ...

... in spaces that have a fascinating atmosphere, including collections of antique Sardinian furniture and the possibility of working or celebrating in the midst of the history and culture of an area that boasts traditions handed down thanks to people like Giovanna, who with the support of her faithful and very kind staff, tirelessly gives its guests the opportunity to spend special days, starting with a lighter soul, enriched by deep sensations and with a great desire to return here.

In the video, at the link in less than a minute, I take you with me to visit this place

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