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La Prairie celebrates the Emergency of Life

The timeless beauty of the La Prairie Luxury House has always had a strong link with the world of art, innovation and research as common values.

The membership of the International beauty brand to the Amici della Triennale Association reconfirms the attention to issues of social responsibility and cultural patronage of La Prairie, once again signing its contemporary vision and the ability to break boundaries of time, both with innovative products as well as with important alliances.

The appearance of life was celebrated in the elegant setting of the Hall of Honor, the perfect combination of the innovative approach to beauty of La Prairie and the technology of the immersive work of French artist Cyril Lancerin.

The metallic gold spheres and the dynamism of the installation express a metaphor about life through the creation of full and empty spaces and the movement of elements, recalling caviar, the natural ingredient of excellence of Skin Caviar Liquid Lift, the brand new voluptuous serum of the luxurious Skin Caviar line.

A new harmony emerges for the face thanks to the savoir-faire of the Beauty House, which through Caviar Premier for an unprecedented lifting effect, and Caviar Absolute, restoring volume, defies gravity, bringing unparalleled results.

Caviar has been synonymous of audacity ever since this precious ingredient was introduced into the line more than 30 years ago, and it is a value that well represents this brand synonymous with absolute timeless beauty. In a natural habitat in the Swiss Alps, a limited number of the best quality sturgeons are reared in mineral-rich alpine spring waters and collected with dedication by a local farmer, at a short distance from the La Prairie processing plants, a factor that maintains the high product quality.

An exclusive caviar-based lunch, an exceptional menu designed by another artist, Chef Stefano Cerveni, in turn celebrated the fusion of different elements that together lead to excellence through an engaging sensory experience.

The evocation of perfection. The sublimation of beauty.

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