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The Masterpiece for a Timeless Beauty

What is a masterpiece? It's an icon without striving to be one, beginning to be so when audaciously rising and doing something particularly different, and by doing so it manages to break down barriers. A masterpiece is therefore the maximum indulgence, which then becomes the benchmark for everything else. The extreme luxury.

The story of La Prairie begins with a quote 'Surrender to the impossible' the mantra of Dr. Niehans who with the aim of adding life to the years, created in 1931 a revolutionary innovation: the exclusive cellular science, establishing La Prairie clinic in Montreux as the sanctuary of youth and timeless beauty, where time stood still for those artists, aristocrats and leaders from all over the world who began to frequent it assiduously. Among them Greta Garbo, Winston Churchill, Charlie Chaplin.

The exclusive cellular complex is the heart of every single La Prairie product, and it's developed in three different places, as nobody is allowed to know its secret formula. This is truly amazing! Through the addition of precious as rare ingredients as gold, platinum, and two types of caviar, in these last 85 years of cellular science and with an unique savoir- faire, this scientific subject has risen to the level of art. The art of formulation, for the most sensorial textures, and the art of packaging, because the packaging of the products stands out to real pieces of art.

Therefore it became extremely natural for La Prairie to partner with Art Basel, the world's most important contemporary and modern art exhibition, hosting works by established and emerging artists in the various Pavilions,

where I could admire very special and unique installations.

With this partnership La Prairie has therefore created a very deep involvement with contemporary art. And has established the collaboration with the artist Manon Wertenbroek, whose creations are on between photography and painting and explore the complex world of introspection and personal identity, emotions, the alter ego well exemplified using the mirror with an important metaphorical role.

We find the result of Manon's work, left completely free from La Prairie to draw inspiration from the brand's heritage, in her timeless and contemporary works, in which the use of cobalt blue recalls the bond with Niki de Saint Phalle, a feminist and cosmopolitan artist who as well settled in Switzerland and represented a pivotal artistic influence for La Prairie. In fact the ubiquitous cobalt blue in the works of Saint Phalle inspired the distinctive color of the iconic Skin Caviar Collection more than 30 years ago.

And Manon herself has produced three works as a recognition to luxury, aesthetics, modern techniques and technology, also paying tribute to the cobalt blue and representing in her creations the values ​​of design, indulgence, science and precision , the trait d'union with La Prairie.

It's right in La Prairie Lounge inside Art Basel while I was attending to the Press Conference, that I could admire the fruit of the dialogue between the creations of these two innovative artists: the Pouf serpent bleu by Niki De Saint Phalle and the three pieces by Manon Wertenbroek, and from a pleasant chat with this latest it emerged all the energy and sensitivity characterizing this artist.

Being invited by La Prairie to spend these days in a magnificent location, has above all meant the exquisiteness of an extraordinary hospitality and the possibility to be put in contact with the true soul of this company, a unique soul, which is expressed in the perfect link between revolutionary scientific innovations and artistic mastery, refined aesthetics and elegant Swiss precision, elements that give life to a magical experience, in which performance and sophistication are harmoniously intertwined.

For La Prairie, art is not just inspiration and innovation is not just science. Both are a way of being and thinking, expressed in a tradition of pioneering excellence, for which skin care is elevated to art.

The opportunity for this wonderful experience was the launch of the reformulated version of the iconic Skin Caviar Luxe Cream, remastered with Caviar Premier, that I had the privilege to try during an exceptional beauty treatment, to be distributed starting from September 2018. This cream was launched in 1998 and in a week it went sold out everywhere, raising to unparalleled success.

Now this further sublimated formula fulfills the prestigious mission proposed by all La Prairie products: the quest for a timeless beauty.

The Star: La Prairie Skin Caviar Luxe Cream Remastered

The Manager: Marie-Laure Pons The Artist: Manon Wertenbroek

The Locations: Vip lounge La Prairie, Art Basel - Club de Bâle, Basel - Buergenstock Resort, Lucern

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