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Flying, Traveling and Dreaming

Watching things from above - in a physical and metaphorical sense - is a fortune in life and has always corresponded to my desire and my dreams. Flying with the spirit is for me like breathing and I cannot help it. When Roberta told me she wanted to create a collection of entirely hand designed and painted jewels balloons, I was touched and I began to fly with fantasy.

The balloon is for me the symbol of absolutely unique freedom. Soar in the sky, quietly and romantically, to enjoy a breathtaking view and appreciate from above full detailed landscapes, foreign peoples, unusual animals.

One attractiveness of the hot air balloon is that you know the take-off point but you do not know where the landing point will be. This flying philosophy and principle of balloon attract me irresistibly: fly for the flavor of flying without a predetermined target, only by indulging the winds. A surprise effect with me is always winning.

This is how, with her technique, Roberta began to laser cut the balloons and their baskets on a golden brass base, giving them the curved effect. Once the bases became ready, the patterns and designs chosen by Roberta have been hand painted, with special enamels, and covered with a last final touch of a protective paint to illuminate these small handcrafted masterpieces. One different from the other, unique pieces, not replicable. Each of them able to express an elegant message, giving a particular style to your hun.

Like in this photo, where I wear a green lacquered balloon that stands out on the outfit of the same color.

Or in this look, where the black and gold white design balloon is emphasized by the black cardigan on which it leans, giving light to it.

Or even in this case, where I wear a balloon with red and blue clumps, and I wear it over to a blue jacket that resembles blue enhancing red.

On the balloon you can enjoy a 360 ° view as from a terrace. In the wonderful silence of the wicker basket you can fly slowly, at ground level, lightly touching trees, fields and small inhabited centers, or get up a few thousand meters without almost realizing it. Amazingly among the clouds above nature, woods, vineyards and typical villages. A truly memorable opportunity.

Ilaria, who owns a travel agency with an important history and a deep competence about traveling in general, has made herself available to host the launching hot-air balloons event, setting up a dreamy and together very concrete atmosphere in the agency, creating an enviable environment lo leave for tempting destinations all over the world.

The theme of traveling, which I particularly love, has always been a very exciting topic to deal with. The emotion before departure, when with imagination you think about the places you will visit and prepare yourself to deal with diversity to your homeland. Traveling is curiosity of the wait and desire for discovery. And then it's the ability to store feelings, colors, and odors, fixing them in the memory to bring them back alive at any other time of life, even unexpectedly.

Making a journey and keeping its memory is the most precious memory one can ever have.

You might not always have the opportunity to travel, but you can dream and expect to do so, wearing a very unique hot-air balloon, which, hanging from your neck with the swaying effect of its basket, gives you the feeling of the wind that makes it moving in the sky.

25th October, official launch of hot-air balloons jewels of Crearti by Roberta Moretti for Francesca Chelli

at Orchidea Viaggi - Viale Montenero, 20 Milano

To shop the hot-air balloons jewels write a mail to

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