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Harmony is everywhere

I like to get to Venice by train because when I get off I immediately recognize the destination by the salty sea smell of the lagoon, before even seeing the traits.

I have been here so many times since I was a child, and the acts of the arrival are always the same: the confusion, the hand of the driver of the motorboat to get on board, the bags that you no longer care of because you focus on the palaces and on the outbreak of the Boats, waiting the Grand Canal and its reassuring presence whenever it is unchanged and yet always different, because Venice's magic is also depending upon nature, which influences its light and colors.

The silvery lagoon, the mist, the fast clouds, or the clear skies and the intense light reflected by the waters, and yet the gray sky and the rippled sea.

Venice welcomes you and fascinates your attention, time does not exist anymore and you are waiting for something special, because only special things can happen here. The beauty and the elegance of the ancient palaces create the ideal setting for moments of life, and the presence of the water, silent and enveloping, adds the uniqueness of magic to everything.

In occasion of the 57th International Art Exhibition, I have been invited this evening to visit the unveiled exhibition of Pierre Huyghe at the Fondation Louis Vuitton, linked to the theme of the journey, loved by the Maison, titled "A Journey that wasn't" , followed by an extraordinary Gala Dinner.

Louis Vuitton has a special bond with art and the wonderful dinner in honor of the Fondation Louis Vuitton could only be hosted in the Napoleon wing of the Correr Museum, whose design and beginning of construction date back to the days Napoleon was sovereign and still preserve the distinctive features of Bonaparte's age. The charming porch, the airy staircase and the rich Ballroom where we are seated tonight, cherishing the refined decor of the rooms, are the perfect blend between French architecture and Venetian painting.

Nothing is left to chance in this exclusive and magical evening, with the menu of Al Aimo, the background of violins and the Ruinart. Everything is part of the harmony of things in a city that each time indulges a different dream.

Even the flooding water, which at the end of the dinner surprises us in Piazza San Marco.

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