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How do you start September in style?

Welcome September!!

According to the Bizantine calendar, the new year started on the 1st of September.

We live in another era and civilization, but it looks like if September is the beginning of a new year for many of us in various areas: back to the cities, back to school, back to a normal rhythm, Fall is approaching, new sales campaigns and many new products are on shelf in different sectors.

In French they call it “la rentrée”. Back into your role after quite a long period of absence.

For this reason it must be a smooth month, to take on again to the normal standards.

Full with expectations, September leads to the last quarter of the year, when it will be clear if all the goals have been achieved, no matter which is the arena, the day of reckoning will come soon.

The outfits for this "in-between month" reflect the transition from the holiday's freedom to the formality of a city dress code and its duties, sweetened by some vacation souvenirs.

In September for instance, I continue to feel the Summer breeze and its lightness as a daily mood. My tan is my natural beauty tip, no need of something else. I continue to wear my summertime charm bracelets, with their leather faded by the sun and hardened by the dried salt. Jacket is back in more formal situations, while I'lI try to use comfortable light sweaters and nice sandals in warmer and unofficial days.

On the very first day of this month, my attire is a white and grey lined body, grey silk shantung trousers paired with a soft linen jacket. This outfit is matched with a beautiful pastel colored spacious trapèze bag, to hold vanity and chic Summer mood together with my pc and my working accessories.

And you, how do you think to face up to September with your look?


Trousers - Teresa Dainelli

Thanks to Mari Boutique Milano for these two special items.

Jacket - Anissej Life

Bag - Celine

Jewels (from left) - Marchi Gioielleria Forte dei Marmi - Maria Grazia Baldan - Rolex - Pomellato

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