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The launch of Louis Vuitton fragrances

Today we celebrate a new birth in the Maison Louis Vuitton: the launch of the perfume range under the name of this prestigious brand, in avant première at the Montenapoleone boutique in Milano.

Technically this is a line extension which took quite sometimes to raise, as the Maison wanted to launch something really special and unique.

Therefore, not only a Louis Vuitton perfume, but an entire collection of seven fragrances to create a rich world of emotions, as the brand heritage is very rich and the range of products incredibly wide.

Many are the emotions that a journey - the core theme of Louis Vuitton - could evoke. A little trip or a long far away journey, this is not the point. You don't need to travel East or West to wake up a memory and consequently an emotion.

Not to mention Marcel Proust madeleine memories, but yes, this is the point.

Fashion is emotion and Louis Vuitton has been able to interpret emotions all along its story, started from a functional need and successfully continued always adding something more, breaking the rules within the classic and able to bring revolutionary innovations lasting forever.

And what more could have been added to a world so complete, if not something you can feel within your senses and try to entirely possess?

A totally new dimension: seven exclusive fragrances.

Wearing those meaningful fragrances makes one dreaming everywhere, safeguarding all the souvenirs of a wonderful life journey.

But now let me add why I am so in love with this brand. My passion for the Monogram comes from far away.

I was a young University student in Economics and during one Summer I was attending to a Master at the University of Nice, France.

Visiting the local Louis Vuitton boutique on my first day I fell in love with a gorgeous business porte-document: it would have been perfect for my lessons back to my University in Milano.

I had some argent de poche given by my parents to be used for paying my dinners and lunches, not included at the canteen of the college.

Not even a moment of doubt....I decided how to finance this wonderful purchase.

Breakfast became my only meal of the day.

One month fasting led me to lose 3 kilograms, which was not much welcomed on a thin physical structure, but also prized me with a precious Louis Vuitton briefcase!!

The beginning of my deep love for Louis Vuitton starts from there, a little sacrifice and lots of determination, in the name of something that accompanied me also in my working life and at which I've always looked with a smile in my eyes, remembering of my young age and all of my dreams.

Today the space is fully dedicated to Louis Vuitton fragrances photos.

Stay tuned to see my beautiful vintage briefcase soon!!

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