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Valentine's Day in 14 gifts

Aggiornamento: 5 feb 2021

Valentine's Day is not just the celebration of lovers as a couple, but a day to celebrate love for oneself and for the people we love, family and friends. Loving oneself is one of the fundamental points to live life better, it means being in harmony with oneself and consequently also with others. If you love and appreciate each other then you have the desire to make others feel good too. How? Pampering and surrounding ourselves with beautiful and refined objects, which carry a positive message, making our closeness felt by others, giving them a present. Especially in this moment it takes an infusion of love! So here I am going to tell you a story of love that unfolds in fourteen ideas to offer yourself and to give to others something that embodies the passion of dreams achieved, attention to detail, excellence of our Made in Italy and female entrepreneurship. The love transmitted in what one does brings love to those who choose and give the presents I am talking about below.

1 - Amarsi Fragrances

2 - Venchi Dreaming Chocolate Experience

3 - Vanni Eyewear 100% Made in Italy

4 - Beauty Treatment Marina Mazzolari

5 - The 'Proteggimi' necklaces by Olivia in the Wonderland

6 - The Gardoni Art silk scarfs

7 - Escape at Dimora del Podestà with gastro-delivery by Stradivarius

8 - The wellness cuddle by Studio Marcucci Milano

9 - The Unconventional Chic Kimono

10 - The exclusive beauty experience at Colonna Metropolitan Beauty Makers

11 - Yoga at Accademia Palermo 8

12 - The Friulane by Olimpia Slippers

13 - MyTablitas Placemat

14 - The novel Metti che Vivo at Bibliothe & Co with Romeo and Juliet Tea

  1. Amarsi Fragrances

I want to start from here, the perfumes that embody the most important concept: to love yourself. These are fragrances whose creation is inspired by the need to feel loved, adored, pampered. Alessandra Castelbarco, the creator of this project, started "by investigating the sensorial dimension of life and love, because today more than ever we are called to look inside ourselves, to seek a profound, human, sensorial contact first of all with ourselves". Loving each other, therefore, is the first step in loving others. Alessandra expresses this movement in the choice of the logo, which recalls the Egyptian pyramid, called MER, where the M represents the place and the R indicates the ascension, the rebirth. A rebirth that starts from the soul, passes through the skin, involves all the senses, in a relationship of new pleasure with oneself. Amarsi fragrances embody lost emotions, hidden in the drawers of memories, nuances recalled in a completely Proustian accent, making sensations re-emerge and stimulating explorations with closed eyes. Immersion in an Indian spice market, a sunset over the Andean mountains, the smell of the rainforest, a stolen look ... Pink pepper, cardamon, a pinch of honey and a touch of orange bergamot or Sabina wood, a variety of pine typical of the Balearic Islands, or patchouli and violet. Distant memories of island sun and wind, as if they were now, traveling only with the senses through seven fragrances that offer a collection of enveloping, vibrant and sensual olfactory nuances from which to choose your own.


2. Venchi Dreaming Chocolate Experience

Venchi chocolate is an Italian excellence born in 1878 from the passion and courage of Silviano Venchi who, so in love with chocolate, began to experiment first in his own apartment and then in a small restaurant in Turin. Those experiments went so well that Venchi Spa was born, also named Supplier of the Royal House. All delicious, natural chocolates, made with the best ingredients and the best intentions that distinguish this Made in Italy brand offering a slightly sweeter life. And it is precisely a selection of the iconic chocolates that make up the Chocolate Box and that the Venchi Boutique of Fidenza Village offers in a virtual tasting led by Mr. Venchi on the occasion of Valentine's Day. How does it work? You can order and receive at home or have the Dreaming Chocolate Box delivered to your loved ones, like the one in the photo or even other different ones. People who have received or purchased the gift box will receive a link to which they can connect on Friday 12 February at 7pm to participate in the virtual tasting led by Mr Venchi. What are you waiting for to order it?

Venchi Boutique @fidenzavillage

3. Vanni Eyewear 100% Made in Italy

An accentuate touch of the new Vannity models proposed for Valentine's Day. Each model features a detail that makes the style unique, starting with the unusual combinations of colors and contemporary shapes. Colors is the name of the new metal models that play with two original and emphasized forms, exquisitely feminine: the traditional butterfly and a large avant-garde rectangle. The sophisticated construction has a double-framed profile,enhanced by the vivid colour contrast between the front frame and the thin brow that highlights the upper edge of the glasses, giving the eye an effect of timeless elegance to the wearer gaze. The black and gold, purple and periwinkle, pink and gold combinations are luminous, in out-of-the-ordinary and I also find them very suitable for this gift or self-gift occasion, to see themselves more beautiful and elegant in the look. The lenses are in UV 400 nylon, with mirrored shades, to guarantee a fashionable aesthetic and the best protection from the sun's rays.


4. Beauty Treatment by Marina Mazzolari

Loving yourself also means taking care of your beauty and treating yourself or giving yourself pleasant moments for your skin, such as the vegetable carbon mask and the enzymatic peeling by Marina Mazzolari. Based on microporous vegetable carbon and salicidic acid, the mask has purifying and detoxifying properties. Thanks to the combination of active ingredients such as prebiotics and probiotics, particularly effective in restoring the skin microbiome and after only 15 minutes of application, the skin of the face is illuminated and renewed. Once the mask has been massaged and rinsed, we proceed with the application of the peeling, an enzymatic exfoliant that gently eliminates dead cells to reveal a younger and healthier looking skin after laying, immediately more compact and smoother from the first application.



Profumeria Mazzolari Corso Monforte, 2 Milano

5. The 'Proteggimi' necklaces by Olivia in the Wonderland

The concept of protection is closely linked to love and affection. These feelings we have for others - children, boyfriends, parents and friends - must be protected from external attacks and time. And all of us, even more so at certain times of our life, need protection. Among the wonderful poetic creations of Olivia in The Wonderland, for this occasion that speaks of loving each other, I chose the 'Always protect me' necklaces. In each of them there is an ancient medal from the many wonderful sanctuaries we have in Italy, medals to be discovered that have a past full of charm and history, marked by time, sometimes faded and worn by the years, full of engravings, including drapes, tunics, angels and madonnas gazes. Each one different from the others as are the women among themselves, but all united by the same request ... "always protect me". They are rosaries with natural stones or pearls, matching tassels, pebbles and precious stones, symbols of religious faith, crowns, twigs, halos that rattle together when worn, with the reassuring sounds of childhood. All the creations of the designer Simona reflect her strong aesthetic sense, her passion for finding special pieces around the antique markets and a poetic vein that is revealed in the phrases that accompany these unique pieces in their dedicated boxes, with a touch of violet fragrance that is released even before opening them and that make them gifts full of love, infused by the hands of the creator. We all need an Always Protect Me on our heart.

Ig @olivia_in_the_wonderland_

6. The Gardoni Art Silk Scarfs

The Gardoni 100% silk twill scarves with hand-stitched rolled hem have a fascinating history. Miriam Gardoni, grandson of the Parma expressionist painter Vincenzo Gardoni (1917 - 2004) reinterprets his grandfather's art in fashion with hand-made and art-made products. The artist's drawings and paintings have become the fulcrum of inspiration and design for Miriam who elaborates her fashion collections in the research laboratory founded a few years ago together with her sisters Teresa and Arianna, with the aim of enhancing and spreading grandfather's works of art. Scarves are wearable canvases that become paintings in motion as an emblem of refined personality.

The scarf that I suggest as a gift was conceived and designed to pay homage to the city of Parma, the Italian Capital of Culture 2020. Inspired by inks on cardboard depicting iconic images and symbols of the city of Parma, it is a real work of art that gives special sensations when wearing it. A unique piece, a limited edition, a tribute to an artist and his city. From the five city gates depicted, the paths lead to Vincenzo Gardoni's studio house in Piazza della Steccata. In the center of the scarf the circular shield and the plan of the city with its ancient walls. The elaboration of the colors, the intangibility and the delicacy of the silk finished thanks to the skill of the Italian artisans, represent once again the Made in Italy guided by the passion of three women entrepreneurs, offering a priceless experience of culture and beauty and perpetrating the legacy of grandfather Vincenzo.


Borgo Del Gallo 2, Parma, Italy

7. Escape at Dimora del Podestà with gastro- delivery by Stradivarius Restaurant

Castell'Arquato is one of the most beautiful medieval villages in Italy in the province of Piacenza, just over an hour from Milan. In this romantic setting, where films have also been shot ("Lady Hawke" with Michelle Pfeifer for example) because of its pristine and unique scenery, it is possible to have a truly special experience: a night at the Dimora del Podestà right in the heart of the borgo in one of its 6 rooms each furnished in an original way, with dinner served through the "Home delivery" service of the Stradivarius restaurant with its menu based on pisarei and fasò, batalabar, fresh pasta (all strictly handmade) , local cold cuts and cheeses, boiled meats etc. all bathed in a good local wine. A dinner based on traditional Piacenza dishes enjoyed by candlelight in the setting of a historic building. What's more romantic than this?



8. The Wellness cuddle by Studio Marcucci Milano

Venous infusion of vitamins and supplements is a popular practice among Hollywood VIPs. The purposes of these treatments can be different and combined. What I want to talk to you about today is an infusion intended to optimize general well-being, promote detoxification and longevity, improving the quality of life. Each infusion involves the administration of a solution containing a different set of vitamins, minerals, amino acids and electrolytes and while it hydrates the body from the inside it guarantees maximum absorption with immediate and palpable benefits. Benefits ranging from the strengthening of the immune defenses, to the support of the muscular and cardiovascular systems, to the increase in overall energy levels, to the anti-aging effect of antioxidants that fortify skin and hair and feed brain and cognitive functions.


Via Davide Albertario, 9 Milano

9. The Unconventional Chic Kimono

Kimono in silk velvet and inside in embroidered linen by Rossella Molteni, the creator of these unique pieces, who searches for the most precious fabrics everywhere in Italy and abroad, and after having designed the kimonos in different shapes, completes them with combinations unpublished. Because we women need the beauty of a bouquet of flowers, a velvet cuddle that envelops us like a hug, a carefully studied embroidery. To give us a piece 'forever' created with love and passion and under the banner of that unique and inimitable Made in Italy that the whole world appreciates.



10. The Exclusive Beauty Experience at Colonna Metropolitan Beauty Makers

Entering Colonna Metropolitan Beauty Makers in Via della Moscova 39 in Milan means stopping the daily frenetic pace by giving yourself a little relaxation, leaving out stress and tiredness to abandon yourself in the competent hands of the staff to rediscover new energy through special care and attention to the hair, hands and face. The treatment I want to tell you about to try absolutely or to give as a gift is Shu Uemura's ceremonial hair in which gestures, shiatsu and scalp care are combined. In addition to regenerating and restructuring the hair, this beauty path gives a feeling of tranquility and perceptible rejuvenation. The hair stylist applies the shampoo according to shiatsu techniques, intensely massaging the fibers and the hair, immediately relaxing even the facial features. Then with a special brush a compound, with a fragrance that makes you dreaming of distant places, is applied to each lock, accompanied by purifying oils that act in depth. Hair immediately appears healthier, not at all heavy, light, silky and natural at the same time. It is a real regenerating path for the mind and body. While the hair is styled, there are those who take care of your hands and between manicures and massages your hands experience too a deep and long lasting beauty treatment.


11. Yoga at Accademia Palermo 8

The practice of yoga is a pass for physical and mental well-being and with Accademia Palermo 8, in Via Palermo 8 in Milan this goal can be easily reached through the lessons of the teacher Paola Ginevra, in streaming every day at different times. . Yoga and meditation represent love for oneself and are also of great help in relationships of love, family and friendship because they allow you to start from awareness and the ability to listen. Focusing on yourself and your roots is essential to understand and understand others. Concentration then helps to improve mindfulness and to direct one's energy. There is always a time of day to connect to the Academy and gifting yoga lessons means taking care of the well-being of the people you love.



12. The Friulane by Olimpia Slippers

The traditional Olimpia Slippers velvet slippers have a romantic and Made in Italy history of excellence. Designed and created with love when Sofia Beatrice was expecting Olimpia, from where they took her name. Together with Mattia, the father of the child who is now seven months old, the line of 'Venetian Slippers made with love' was launched with unique features in terms of comfort and color combination. Designed and produced by the artisan laboratory in San Daniele in Friuli, they are the expression of ancient craftsmanship, the simple shape and soft velvets contain a long tradition that reaches us with these entirely hand-made 'shoes'. The elegant and enveloping velvet make these Friulian shoes comfortable and suitable for any occasion, also thanks to the different color combinations.


13. Placemat MyTablitas

An elegant and refined table for Valentine's Day? With the ingenious Mytablitas placemats, made by the designer Marta, you can dress up a dinner or a lunch with heart and style. For this occasion, the designer has provided the 'placemats' in traditional red in precious taffeta or velvet and in refined green foliage in linen. The fabrics are chic and resistant to any stain and these placemats also decorate your breakfast. I warn you, when you start using them you can no longer do without them, so they are certainly an original and very welcome gift!


14. The novel Metti che Vivo at Bibliothe & Co with Romeo e Giulietta Tea

Haven't you read it yet? My novel 'Metti che Vivo' published by La Torre dei Venti is in its third reprint and it's a story of rebirth and positivity. Love can have many forms and expressions, beyond the couple, certainly starting from oneself and from life. In this book there are many ideas in this direction and it is certainly a beautiful message to give. The Bibliothe & Co bookshop in Via Dezza 50 in Milan has created a special box for Valentine's Day, packaging the novel together with the Romeo and Juliet Tea of ​​the Via del Tè. It can be ordered and shipped anywhere by calling +39 3480116704

I believe that in this list above you can certainly find the gift that suits you and your loved ones. Happy Valentine's Day everyone!

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