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My guide for Christmas Gift Shopping

Aggiornamento: 4 dic 2019

The intention in writing this guide is to help you choose Christmas gifts by following my inspiration and my taste.

In my opinion a gift should have a meaning, a message that you want to convey to those who will receive it, showing that there is special attention in taking the time to select which object to donate.

You will find here below my story telling, where each gift corresponds to a symbolic message. Look for the symbols you want to give for Christmas to the people you care about!


I begin with the story telling of the Evîncandles brand, precious scented candles, whose design adds a touch of luxury to your home. Güllü Häberling the founder, a determined and visionary woman, grew up in a small village hidden in the middle of the mountains of Eastern Turkey where electricity arrived just in the 1980's. Her evenings were lit by oil lamps and candles, whose warm light would bring a sense of comfort, exactly what inspired Güllü to setting up this brand. The handmade glass jars have a distinct style - a certain vintage glamour with a contemporary touch - and are gilded before being filled with the vegan and sustainable coconut oil of Evîn candles. There are four colours within the main collection, and each of them homes a different fragrance: Bleu is the fresh Ocean's whisper, Noir is the sumptuous Oriental Night scent, Blanche is Midsummer Love and Perle is the delightful Rose Garden scent. This is a present of great refinement and elegance, not just a candle, but a real object of desire, which, thanks to the very high quality of its ingredients, from coconut oil to the special fragrances, from candles various sizes and colors to their finest vases, becomes a gift to be remembered during this Christmas season.

Giving light means warming the heart!

Once the candles have burned out, the jars make elegant cosmetic containers, small vases or or jewelry storage.

PRADA - The Gentleness

We continue with the declination of the flower on accessories. The flower is a symbol of rebirth and kindness, of sweetness and victory over the ugliness of life. The 'Flower Power' is the movement that praises the life and power of nature. In fashion, the flower knows no seasons and to give a delicate bouquet charm hanging from an accessory or flowered earrings, has the meaning of giving a romantic winter garden to wear, a touch of kindness in everyday life.

The collection with crystals too, a note of romance in a cold Christmas winter with precious floral compositions declined on the bags, which decorate the Prada Panier, Galleria and Cahier models.

THE JEWELS by La Caramella d'Oro - The Luck

The frog is a symbol of luck and protection, a truly beautiful message to convey over Christmas time. This year La Caramella d'Oro has interpreted this precious symbol with its spectacular 'Make your Jewel' collection. All the pieces are designed and processed in a traditional way in Italy. The earrings are modular, being able to choose whether to make them more charged for the evening (they are very light!) or stud earrings for the day.

These cute frogs can also be worn as charms on the necklaces, around the neck on a base in onyx and longer on a rosary and resting on a beaded pearl. You can indulge with fantasy, and you can also choose from other colors, including blue, red and green.

ANDERMATT RESORT - The Perfect Getaway

Giving or treating yourself with an Andermatt ski and snow board pass means opening up to the possibility of spending time in a holiday destination full of opportunities in the heart of the Swiss Alps, in an extraordinary landscape.

The Andermatt Resort offers 180 km of intensely snowy slopes, and is considered one of the best and most modern ski slops in the Alps with its two ski area, Andermatt-Sedrun and Bergbahnen Disentis. The 33 facilities are modern and comfortable and allow skiers to reach up to 3000 meters above sea level and are ideal for both experienced skiers, beginners and children. Thanks to the state-of-the-art cable car you can then reach the brand new Gutsch restaurant, the first in the world to taste authentic high quality Japanese cuisine at high altitude.

The offer proposed in my Christmas gifts to secure the half-value subscription, it's a priceless gift for those who love skiing.

There is also a wide choice to stay in Andermatt, ranging from the 5-star The Chedi Hotel, a mix of modernity, tradition and sophistication being in the Leading Hotels of the World list, or the 4-star superior Radisson Blu Reussen Hotel, with its nineteenth century reminiscent of the architecture of the great hotels, or in the comfortable Gotthard Lofts, apartments that offer all the comforts and services for a perfect holiday. Free time can be spent between the first-class relaxation of the luxurious hotels SPAs, or following the vast cultural offer of the concerts held in the brand new Concert Hall, whose program is very rich.

DONNA RIBELLE - The Independence

The Donna Ribelle brand is born from the idea of two sisters, the designers Babi and Bibi Borghi, who felt the need to combine an iconic contemporary fashion item with awareness of the issue about women's emancipation and violence against them.

The genius of this idea is the proposal of the classic bikers leather jacket in a trendier and more feminine way, with very high quality finishes, adaptable to the look of every day from morning to night, with the addition of a particular touch.

In fact, each one becomes a unique piece, therefore numbered in the series, thanks to Babi's artistic intervention that personalizes the exterior with themes inspired by the brand and chosen by those who will wear it. There is also a deep care and attention in the choice of raw materials and processing, all strictly Made in Italy. Giving or treating yourself with a leather jacket as a Christmas gift will transmit the message of special attention to the feminine world.

LA PRAIRIE - The Beauty

Give or treat yourself for Christmas White Caviar Creme Extraordinaire by La Prairie means giving beauty to the face, an impeccable appearance to the skin, perfecting the complexion and giving an extraordinary illuminating effect. Years of research have identified the Lumidose molecule as the most effective ingredient to support the inhibition of melanin production.

Using White Caviar Crème Extraordinaire from La Prairie makes the skin appearance not only firmed and more compact, but also wonderfully harmonized in glowing, smoothed, elastic and hydrated. Around Christmas time this is a very precious cuddle to the beauty of every woman.


The accessories by Katya Fernandez were born from the desire to express emotion and elegance in the objects created by the Brazilian designer Katya Fernandez, always inspired by excellence in style and quality. The sophisticated Pet Series collection, entirely Made in Italy with high quality and eco friendly leather, aims to represent the woman's best friends, accompanying her everywhere with the refinement of details and the delicacy of the images of the different dog breeds. Giving these objects as a gift means transmitting the emotion of affection and care towards these important life companions, so that they are always present in the days of their affectionate master. The iPhone and iPad covers are a safe and tasteful gift, as are the credit card and documents holders, or the shoulder bag, all of them in many different colors. I chose the ones in the pic as my Christmas gifts, and you?


Chantelle Paris with the Champs Elysées range, expresses the concept of refinement with this black outfit golden embroidered to be wore on holidays for a chic and elegant look. Gifting Chantelle for Christmas means giving a contemporary and timeless style, thanks to the profound competence in the design of the various models and to the very high quality of the materials. This outfit, also available in other models and colors, will be perfect under the festive outfits!


And to finish my list of Christmas gifts, a good idea is a present made of light-hearted moments, organizing a theme party in honor of those you love without having to think about anything, or a corporate event to celebrate this festive Christmas period in an original and fun way. The company Ideal Show Event offers entertainment and show services for theme parties, private and corporate events with the possibility of renting costumes, such as those of the two Christmassy photos I published in the article.

Here below all the information about my gifting ideas

EVIN CANDLES - Can be purchased online through the web

PRADA - Can be purchased in the Prada Boutiques and online

LA CARAMELLA D'ORO - Can be purchased in Milan Jewelleries ( Via Bigli 21 and Via Fiori Chiari 5) and in Sicily at Ortigia, Via Amalfitania 3

With Francesca Chelli name a price reduction will be recognized

ANDERMATT - Skipass at 50% can be purchased at link

DONNA RIBELLE - Can be purchased at Multibrand Boutique Via Fratelli Lombardi, BS and at Mandala Boutique Hotel St Tropez

Contatto tramite Instagram page @donnaribelle_official o al numero +393497885000

With Francesca Chelli name a price reduction will be recognized

LA PRAIRIE - Distributed in the best Perfumeries

PET SERIES - Articles can be purchased at this link

With the promo code FChelli price reduction 15% on all the items

CHANTELLE - Articles can be purchased in the best underwear stores in Italy, including La Rinascente, Coin, CL studio City Life, Shopping District Milano


For information Instagram page @idealshowevent or phone + 393389323124

With the name Francesca Chelli a reduction of 10% will be recognized

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