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Here it's easy to dream

We are in South Tyrol at 1200m and to reach the Adler Lodge Ritten you take a small road in the woods that becomes increasingly narrow until you reach the gates of this fairy kingdom.

Immersed in the magic of the forest, it cannot be compared with anything else, it only comes close to the memories we have of fairy tales. Nature that envelops with its leafy woods, the chirping of birds, the scent of wood, the colors and the silence, the lapping of water.

Here just above Bolzano, a city dear to me for family reasons, is this five-star resort, luxurious and discreet, exclusive and comfortable,

perfectly inserted into the landscape to be totally part of it thanks to its natural wood structure and large windows that create a symbiosis with the surrounding nature. The interiors also convey an informal luxury that is expressed in the mostly native materials, spaces and colors used.

This place is the perfect expression of the union between nature and spirituality in which I found myself at ease, with a relaxation never experienced before.

I spent five magical days that I will remember for a long time and that have had a significant psychophysical benefit on me.

There are all the ingredients to gently suspend the relationship from everyday life, removing the stress of the pressing rhythms and experiencing light days of well-being, with the view of the snow-capped Sciliar chain from the outdoor pool with access from the inside, where I took a swim as soon as possible or simply contemplated the surrounding nature immersed in the beneficial and precious salt water.

The occasion was the participation in the Pilates retreat, which was developed on three daily appointments, two classes in the gym and hiking in the woods for four days.

The silence, the filtered and soft light in the trees, the scents, exercise and meditation in this natural environment have been a balm for me. A mystical experience.

I let myself be carried away by the slow rhythms of this unique place, between some massages in the SPA with oils and natural essences together with healing herbs, the saunas in the middle of the woods with a view of the mountains: the Finnish one with its iced tub and bio - Herbal saunas were my appointment in the late afternoon, to close the day before the dinner appointment.

The cuisine orchestrated by Chef Hannes Pignater is the daily appointment with traditional local dishes, revisited in a modern key,

with zero km ingredients and natural flavors of local products personally brought by the farmers of the area.

Thinking about breakfast makes me feel a little nostalgic for a meal that I particularly love and that here at the Adler has pampered me perfectly: white omelettes cooked for me with fresh eggs, homemade bread and brioches and all sorts of jams, fresh and dried fruit, cereals of all varieties,

to then taste here and there during the day the genuine snacks and the delicious desserts together with the juices of local fruits.

The days have flown incredibly, the sun seemed to move almost too fast in the deep sky in front of me and we arrived in the evening with the dinner appointment.

Choosing between the gourmet pairings and the best South Tyrolean labels from local producers sitting at the table in the restaurant under the stars in front of the Unesco heritage landscape was a delight, as was savoring the dishes of this light and tasty cuisine served by the staff very kind and professional.

This stay is a real experience, it is a return to something primordial for which our soul yearns.

'Let your soul fly' is the expression that perfectly embodies the concept of the Adler resorts

masterfully declined in every single detail in this place by the enlightened Sanoner family, which in the sixth generation, building on the long tradition of hospitality, has been able to open and tread new paths, meeting contemporary needs and satisfying them with the excellence of execution and passion of those who love their work and make it a mission.

ADLER Lodge RITTEN . Stella 20

39054 Soprabolzano . Italia

T. +39 0471 1551 700 .

Instagram: @adlersparesorts

Chef: @hannes.pignater

The Pilates courses were held by: Pascale Falempin of @powerhouse.milano

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