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Greetings from Paradise

I know very well how life brings me what I need at the right time and here it comes the invitation for a break at the Adler Resort Spa Thermae in Bagno Vignoni, Italian hospitality excellence.

When I travel I also like to savor the way to get to my final destination and leaving the city on Sunday morning in the direction of Tuscany is already a wonderful program.

To reach Bagno Vignoni in the Val d'Orcia you cross a wavy and lush countryside with its expanse of rolling hills dense with olive trees, beech trees and rows of cypresses that rise and touch the sky, so reassuring and peaceful. It is a very special land, among ancient villages, vineyards and towers, painted in Renaissance masterpieces and declared a World Heritage Site by Unesco.

I arrive at the Adler a little excited and the sign that welcomes guests 'Let your Soul fly' is a message resonating inside me.

The time for a quick check-in and to open suitcase just to wear my bikini and I am already immersed in the thermal bath, the place that will be my daily routine for several hours and to start and close all the days here.

The thermal waters of Bagno Vignoni, already known at the time of the Etruscans and Romans, flow at a temperature of over 50 degrees celsius from various sources, are very rich in minerals, sulphate-bicarbonate-calcium-magnesium and have many therapeutic indications as well as a relaxing effect on the muscular system and a physical relief so intense that it also has a strong impact on the mental sphere.

The benefits of this water are many and affect different aspects, starting with the acceleration of cellular turnover: from the first bath my skin exfoliates, becomes very soft and refines. The temperature at 36 degrees celsius improves circulation, my legs are lighter, swimming in this water is very pleasant, the draining effect is perceptible. In general I feel more energetic with a general relief. I read that the effects are positive for a whole series of pathologies, arthritis and osteoarthritis, chronic inflammation of the joints, there are benefits for bone fragility and for muscle tendon tensions. My neck pain also disappears.

The first day I book a yoga class at 8 a.m. and wake up like this, in this bright light on a breathtaking landscape. My soul is grateful for this awakening, I am out of time, everything is a pale distant memory.

After a dip in the thermal waters I run to have breakfast. Breakfast is a magical moment here and has a very wide opening time from 7.30 to 11 a.m., this allows you to taste the fresh specialties, including centrifuge, fresh fruit, delicious crepes, cheeses and croissants. The jams and honey of the Val d'Orcia and then different types of bread prepared every day with organic flours and mother yeast.

The safety needs of the present moment have not affected the richness and variety of the breakfast offer, thought out very well with the system of single portions in glass, also very aesthetically choreographic.

It's today I have an appointment with Dr. Mazzieri for bio-impedance analysis with a food profile. After a short specialist medical examination that frames my lifestyle and my overall situation, I am subjected to the bio-impedance test.

Being a Medical Center structure, it is possible to carry out a whole series of sophisticated analyzes, targeted laboratory tests relating to one's state of health, accompanied by personalized advice and with a very high quality service that can be carried out comfortably on vacation.

I have a booking for oxygen ozone therapy session, ideal for many pathologies, being a powerful antibacterial, antiviral, with anti-inflammatory, de-contracting, regenerating, anti-aging, rebalancing of the immune system, just to name a few beneficial effects. It lasts an hour and at the end I already feel a renewed and fresh energy, ready for the day that awaits me.

It's amazing how time flies. Between one bath and another, I plan the next few days. At the SPA, the rich menu of massages, fitness with jogging paths in the valley that extend as far as Pienza, activities in the gym and even some shots.

As soon as I returned from my daily walk in Vignoni I go to the appointment with the doctor to have the report of the bio-impedance test which, through the analysis of many numbers and parameters examined, reveals a curious situation to be solved: my brain has a daily caloric expenditure which is more than double the average and my dietary income is not enough to feed his appetites, so much so that it is attacking my mineral and bone system! We must run for a recovery and the doctor will prepare a food plan that can rebalance this somewhat critical situation. She already tells me that I have to increase the amount of food in my daily meals. And I'm in the right place!

Dinner is another magical moment. The Maitre and Sommelier Raffaele Porceddu pours me the dishes and wines, temptations to which I willingly give in. With everything I do, I deserve it, and then the doctor told me that I need to increase and improve my nutrition!

A menu that winks at the specialties of Tuscan cuisine to which are added choices of dishes for all tastes, including vegetarian dishes. For the wines, the "house wines" of the nearby winery of the Sanoner family, owner of the structure, should be mentioned.

The wonderful variety of saunas in the wellness area requires hourly reservations for safety reasons and I must confess that this allows you to enjoy them perfectly individually, passing from the Calidarium to the Tuscan herbs, to the panoramic Finnish sauna in the woods with breathtaking views, to the Etruscan bath at the salt steam ...

... to follow with relaxation on the swing overlooking the Val d'Orcia, where I pleasantly doze off sipping a detox herbal tea.

And here's another day. Bathing in these waters early in the morning with the hot steam rising creating a suggestive curtain of fog that dissolves into the streaked sky has an indescribable charm. Today the 8 o'clock a.m. yoga class took place here in the water with Annalisa, the talented yoga teacher. I meet the doctor and collect my food program which also includes lifestyle suggestions, hydration, minerals to supplement my diet.

Time has flown here. It is the last day unfortunately, but it is only a goodbye in this Paradise. Thank you and see you soon Adler Resort Spa Thermae!

Adler Resort Spa Thermae: 53027 Bagno Vignoni (SI)

Swim wear Chantelle

Art Jewel Chiara Voliani

Sweater "Piece of art" Giada Baldani

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08 de mar. de 2021

If you miss such opportunity it is really a paradise lost

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