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OVER throw UNDER wear

Talking about lingerie is very pleasant, especially when it concerns a leading brand in the world for innovation with a truly unique concept on the market.

The brand that would become Chantelle, was born in Paris at the end of the nineteenth century and began manufacturing corsets in stretch fabrics famous for their comfort already in 1902. Fashion for women's clothes was in full evolution, and with the 'little black dress' of the thirties, it was strong the need to wear increasingly soft corsets, not compelling shapes into tight and uncomfortable armors but caressing the silhouette. It was at this point that the Chantelle brand, with its official birth in 1949, rapidly established its reputation on the market with the first really comfortable busts.

In those years the inspirational icon was the American actress Mae West, sinuous curvy. The Chantelle bust, softer and lighter than the corset was presented with the slogan: "Chantelle, the bust that remains in place". Since 1962, when Chantelle inaugurated its first bra production plant in Epernay in the Champagne region, to date, the company has grown enormously, making its way into the world of lingerie and establishing itself as an expert and technologically advanced brand.

I have tried and wore SoftStretch, the new generation of underwear, designed to be adaptable to every movement, every size and every physicality. Once you wear the bras and the Chantelle SoftStretch panties you wouldn't get them off anymore. In ultra light material this underwear gives an extraordinary and unique comfort, without constrictions, able to wrap different shapes. The light jersey behind the successful launch in the 1950s is a critical success factor and a major feature of the brand nowadays.

Keeping up with the times of fashion ever since, Chantelle has renewed itself by launching an essential style, innovative shapes and a great variety of colors and prints. The strength and depth of this brand are based on the ability to represent the different facets of today's woman, emphasizing at the same time the differences, to create a unique contemporaneity. In fact these garments are unconventional and once wearing them states a little rebellion to the usual concept of underwear, which attracts me very much being an important element of success too.

I find the padded bras so feminine and contemporary that I sometimes wear them with transparent blouses, to let their shapes be seen under the dresses.

And I even use lingerie as a bikini,

or the tank top as a Summer piece.

And I find the line also very suitable for sports activities, because it allows great freedom of movement.

The feeling is kind of a second skin, without seams and with an essential and contemporary design.

Chantelle is also the possibility to stand up against the stereotype of the complete outfit, leaving the imagination to combine a lace bra with stretch pants, or to choose just within romantic pieces depending on the mood, but always with a perfect fit.

The slogan of the 1950s is still valid: 'Chantelle, the underwear that stays in place all day long'.

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