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Devoting time to oneself is the essential ritual

Entering Camurati Profumi in Turin is not like entering a classic perfumery, but it is what is defined an experience in the world of perfumery brands, a location that since 1930 is a precious point of reference not only for Turin, but for all of Italy.

Here it's the philosophy of the founder Roberto Camurati, with me in the photo, knowing how to offer an answer to all the questions in the field of beauty and self-care, offering all the most prestigious brands, often on exclusivity, on the International market.

And it is precisely in this location appreciated for its unique personality, that La Prairie inaugurated its first Design Store in Italy, fully expressing its contemporaneity and propensity to ignite an immersive experience into the brand.

In this case, the store becomes the temple of the brand itself, welcoming the clients internally, making them live closer to its philosophy and its products.

The new design was developed internally by La Prairie and precisely by Stana Pijunovic, Chief Architect at the head of a team and Swiss designers, and is inspired by the elegance of the Swiss Contemporary Architecture, a school formed by visionary Swiss architects. The store design consists of sculptures symbolism of the brand's skincare collections, to underline the link between La Prairie and art.

It seems like if time has stopped when you enter the world of La Prairie, and in this store you access a sublimated beauty that recalls the quintessence of the brand, communicated through the brightness of the displays, of the packaging with its essential lines conveying an immense aesthetic attention.

The use of wood and mineral elements, natural and noble materials, celebrates the vitality and beauty of nature, showing towards it deep respect and integration

Simultaneously with the inauguration of this prestigious location, La Prairie has enriched its range of products with the launch of four extraordinary news, I will tell you about in detail soon, and having tried them I can no longer live without!

Let's start with Supreme Cleansing Ritual, an unparalleled ceremony to have a perfect complexion, always starting from a perfectly cleansed skin.

And here we are with the Supreme Balm Cleanser, an unparalleled deep cleansing ceremony that offers an indulgent nightly ritual to remove make-up and soothe the skin, wrapping it nicely by transforming itself from soft balm as it appears into a luxurious oil during massage, until it becomes a milky emulsion with the addition of a few drops of warm water. All the impurities and stress of the day are shed and the skin results soft, smooth and hydrated, ready to receive the next beauty step. Along with this wonderful product, delicate cotton wipes are also supplied for a light exfoliation that leaves the face perfectly cleansed and smoothed. You know that you can't go to sleep without removing make-up, a rule of beauty to be always respected, but how many times in the late evening you do this with some effort?

Well, with this Balm the make-up removing moment becomes an indispensable cuddle, so much that I also have the mini-size when I'm traveling! And meanwhile here I am to announce the other news ...

Immediately after the Balm the news is the Crystal Micellar Water for the eyes and the face, also a unique formula for cleansing the face, combining the technology of liquid crystals with the purity of Swiss glacier water rich in minerals . This delicate and effective micellar water that captures make-up and other impurities without drying out the skin is also indicated for morning cleansing, because it refreshes, moisturizes and eliminates the oils arisen during overnight sleep.

Two other novelties already present at Camurati and on sale from last week throughout Italy, concern the Caviar Collection make-up, yes you got it right, caviar-based make-up, beauty within beauty!

The Skin Caviar Powder Foundation goes beyond mere makeup, being the first powder foundation infused with caviar extract for complexion perfection. In practice, the caviar extract is combined in a single formulation, known for its firming and lifting properties, with an advanced blend of pigments, giving life to a foundation with a sublimely light texture. The skin of the face is enveloped in a silky veil of complexion enhancing color, the blendable coverage gives the skin a matte yet luminous fresh look all day long. In addition it protects skin from UV rays while La Prairie's exclusive Cellular Complex infuses skin with nutrients.

To be followed with the last of the news, Skin Caviar Loose Powder, the first powder enriched with caviar extract, light as a feather-light whisper, giving an impeccable finish to the complexion, illuminating it, preserving the right level of hydration by fixing the makeup for a fresh, flawless and mat result for an all-day. Yes all day long, because inside the package there is also a complimentary portable jar for touch-ups during the day.

I spent a beautiful day in the La Prairie Design Store at Camurati. I lived the experience of physically entering a universe of perfection, where beauty and science in each of the displayed products express pure art that can be touched and lived directly, from the packaging lines, to the innovative and high-performance products formula, under the light of the structure that immediately recalls the brightness that only La Prairie can give to complexion.

La Prairie has transformed skin care into a profound pleasure, into the love of its rituals that lead to beauty.

As Oscar Wilde said "To love yourself is the beginning of a lifelong love story".

La Prarie Design Store at Camurati Profumi

Piazza Adriano, 1 Torino

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