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Light is Beauty

The feeling of not being able to do everything I wanted is the sign that the Rome Cavalieri is a destination to be rescheduled soon. The Rome Cavalieri Waldorf Astoria is a very special and incomparable resort embracing together a series of particularities, being both a structure rich in pieces of art worthy of a museum - among which stands out Giambattista Tiepolo, important contemporary works by Andy Warhol, and also the sofas designed by Karl Lagerfeld for his Paris home

as well as a place where time flies in a very pleasant and light way: an over six hectares large park of uncontaminated green, with ancient pines that immediately makes of it a vacation spot, an outdoor area around the three heated outdoor pools where breakfast is a gift of life -

and the cappuccino is memorable, in addition to the various proposed delicacies that cannot be avoided. And yet a view of the majesty of the panorama of Rome that catches you unprepared at every moment of the stay. A sense of breathtaking beauty at your feet, at sunset becoming even more poignant.

A place of widespread beauty, in short, where La Prairie, who makes of beauty their flagship, could not miss the most luxurious SPA in Italy with its 2200 square meters for wellness care,

having its own dedicated area, where the goal is to enhance the beauty of those who surrender themselves to the hands of the skilled therapists.

Today I have the privilege of trying the White Caviar Facial with the Beauty Expert Marcella who, according to the ritual established for this treatment, gave me fifty minutes of face pampering skincare and in the end the result was a truly unique and extraordinary brightness.

As a first step in every La Prairie treatment, cleansing and toning followed by exfoliation are necessary to prepare the skin for the best receptivity of the products that will be used later. The first product of this line and treatment I tried, the White Caviar Illuminating Pearl Infusion, is a silky gel serum, able to make redness and grey complexion fade away, followed by the White Caviar Crème Extraordinaire that melting with the serum, thanks to the skilled massage of the therapist, activates the contained molecule, called Lumidose, which fights the excessive pigmentation of the skin, beginning immediately to trigger an extraordinary brightening effect on my face. On the delicate area around the eyes I was applied the White Caviar Illuminating Eye Serum, which, due to the extracts of golden caviar and the powerful active ingredients, is very effective on the dark circles and on the hyper-pigmentation around the eyes, illuminating and lightening this important area in a visible way.

At this point - I was almost falling asleep thanks to the sweet background music, but I resisted to be able to tell you everything in detail! - Marcella generously applied the Cellular Hydralift Firming Mask all over my face, an exquisite treatment that deeply hydrates while reinforcing the skin tone and making it appearing lifted and firm, minimizing the appearance of lines. A thin fabric laid on my face helped to penetrate the exclusive complexes more effectively, and after about five minutes the mask was already completely absorbed, the proof that I needed to be also moisturized! The secret of these La Prairie treatments, in addition to being extraordinary products, is the time of laying and the massage that allows the ingredients to reach in depth so as to act effectively.

On such a prone skin, the beauty expert continued applying and gently massaging the White Caviar Illuminating Eye Serum and the White Caviar Illuminating Eye Cream, which in synergy have truly lightened and brought luminosity to my eye contour - I am always on the go, sometimes I have a little sleep and spend lots of time on tablets, so I was much in need of them and the results are really impressive: a rested look and very bright eyes! Immediately after the renewed application of White Pearl Infusion and White Cream on the face and the Lip Contour Cream - a gem that softens and deeply moisturizes the other delicate area of my face - the treatment was ended, giving me an extraordinary light and a smoother elasticity skin feeling, with the delicate areas treated and improved in their appearance.

A beauty effect lasting over time, that I will maintain using the products I was given, making me shine even in the evening, when at the Uliveto Restaurant I succumbed with no reserve to the healthy and tasty dishes of Chef Fabio Boschero and to the original creations by the Pastry Chef Dario Nuti, to be fully disclosed.

Supervised and pampered by Maitre Sandro who fascinated us with the descriptions of the dishes, suggesting us the tasting of the various specialties, together with the excellent service of the staff, characteristic of the whole staff of Rome Cavalieri, always smiling and welcoming.

The Rome Cavalieri location is part of the secret of its success. An island of peace overlooking the Monte Mario, fifteen minutes from the center of Rome reachable every hour with the hotel shuttle, a place in the midst of nature, with a background of rustling birds and the view of the eternal city at your feet. An exceptional duo, a really important point, whether you travel for pleasure or for work.

The chance to relax in an environment that allows you for a break, in the midst of beauty in all its senses -

masterpieces scattered all around the hotel that make of your stay as if you were in an art gallery, together with sculptures, paintings, fine furniture and tapestries, along with a stunning view that nourishes the spirit, sophisticated menus, outdoor and indoor pools, massages and specific luxurious beauty care.

And more: the exclusive Imperial Club on the seventh floor, reserved for the Suites and the Imperial Rooms guests, for cocktails, snacks and delicacies, or even just for a coffee throughout the day. And then the original experiences in the Roman and regional territory for those who stay a few more days, from truffle hunting in Umbria with a visit to Assisi, to a 'Made in Italy course by you' to create your own sandals in Rome city, at La Dolce Vita Tour on a vintage 500 accompanied by paparazzi.

There is a very special light here, that nourishes spirit and body. The light of beauty.

Rome Cavalieri Waldorf Astoria, Via Alberto Cadlolo, 101 -00136 Roma

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