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My Gifts Guide for your Christmas Shopping

Are you prepping for Christmas? It is finally December and the real Christmas Season is almost upon us.

With just a few short weeks to prepare for what will be for many the busiest time of the year, it’s a smart idea to give a kick to your Christmas preparations now: it’s really time to consider Christmas gifts for those around you and to sort your way through all the presents ideas.

You might have somebody who handles for you the lion’s share of gift selection and acquisition, but most of the time you’ll end up having to choose at the last moment the ideal present for many of your family, friends and loved ones.

So let me help you: I designed for you this small buying guide which could be a base for your wish list you can also share.

I broke the list down below into FOUR sections depending on the type of person you are shopping for, so that there should be something here for everyone. I will suggest something for Beauty, Jewelry, Fashion and Travel.

So let's start and tackle a very important matter: beauty!!

With all the Christmas parties and dinners taking care of your aspect is a must. So why not offering to you and your loved ones these really precious gifts to look fab during festive holidays? It is a very good idea! This precious Collection Cellular Cream Platinum Rare of La Prairie is unique: two specific treatments one for your face and one for your eyes, a treasure to give as a present, not only for their “soft splendour” effect on the skin, but also for the extreme luxury of the silky texture, the purity of their formulations, the refinement and the elegance of their packagings. Each pack, handmade, it's a masterpiece and the little applicator spoon has the symbol of platinum, the power source of this treatment.

The key ingredient of Pure Platinum helps rebalancing the skin barrier, protecting it from the external harmful factors but most importantly to give that special brightness typical of younger skins. Also thanks to other precious ingredients, such as diamond powder and bio-peptides, the visible effect is an immediate lifting for the face and a special freshness and rejuvenation effect on the delicate skin around the eyes.

I tried both creams on my skin and I can assure you that this wonderful formulations give a fresher and deep touch to the whole complexion, your skin acquires a special light and a younger looking glowing!

Let's go ahead with some other precious suggestions for your gifts.

I think that the best gifts are the ones which give also a message with a deep meaning. Why not thinking about a jewel, one of the most favorite gift for a woman, also bringing a precious message? I have two special suggestions for you.

I would suggest you a piece of the line 'Rose des Vents' by Dior. The shape looks like a flower, but it's not. The Wind Rose is an ancient tool to mark the direction of the different winds and it represents a good wish to find the perfect wind for the person who will receive it. This gold bracelet with mother-of-pearl and diamonds perfectly represents this positive wish, and let me say it is really amazing to wear!

And what about these 'Dior Tribales' multi charms earrings? They are in metal with antique palladium finish and red stone resin pearls. They will do a superb job during the festive period, but not only, being red color a must-have for this Season!

Either you choose a bracelet or earrings you will for sure donate a very special and refined present.

And now let's go ahead with Fashion accessories.

Let's start with some unisex accessories, such as those 'malletage' block notes, blue or even in a pink shade, a very girly style. Always useful objects whether it's a present for a wife or girlfriend, something for your parents or a novelty prezzie for your loved one, there should be something here to fit the list this year, offering elegance and style to share emotions in every occasion and transmit a unique excellence.

So have a look within the Gifting Collection of Louis Vuitton, a brand new line launched by beginning of 2017, which has been enriched for the festive Season of new luxury items, such as those block notes, either in a gold shade or in a silver very refined alternative.

And what about a present to help widen up a man pockets or to lay women's jewels at night, like this beautiful basket in monogram? Which could be offered together with one of the fabulous Louis Vuitton Books, to add some history and charm to elegance.

And still in the Christmas spirit you can find here below two small 'malletage' block notes, those kind of small gifts for those of your friends or relatives to whom you want to offer fashion and luxury without any compromise.

And here we go on with some other ideas in the fashion accessories, one of them for the ones you want to offer super glam to:

a pair of Louis Vuitton sun glasses. To make it complete you could also add a very practical and luxurious case to carry them safely and find them easily inside your bag.

And why not adding a bag to your Christmas list, don't you know that for us women bags are never enough??

Well, I would suggest this Dior cruise collection brand new flap bag, a hand-strap embroidered with threads and pearls holding the dead card from tarots, a bring-luck one, as tradition says. The J'ADior signature and the detachable chain in aged tone metal make this bag a must-have one...

I personally like very much silk twills as they are able to complete a look in so many ways, not only wearing them around your neck, but also on your head, or even as a top in the warm season. Therefore I'd love so much to receive this Dior silk twill foulard, with a black 'Motherpiece Tarot' design by Vicki Noble and Karen Vogel.

Such a bright colored representation of females!

What would you say about offering this micro Peekaboo in Sherling by Fendi? The perfect gift for the coming cold season, to be used in the city or up in the Alps, when going out at evening, also enriched by a funny charm.

Yes, baby it's cold out there, but we can still deserve a Fendi fur charm fur for one of our bags or to hold our keys!

Isn't this an original and valuable gift?

And why not offering an ice cream fur charm together with a beautiful double Fendi micro baguette?

Another very useful and easy gift to be offered to a stylish woman or girl, a very practical item, mandatory with micro bags, is this 'stars' card holder, in off-white calfskin with embossed gold stars. Such a sweet and refined useful present!

Write down in your wish list this unique hair band designed by Yuri Ahn to be wore at Year's End or offer as precious accessory to a dear friend, be used in elegant occasions. You will take for sure the right gift decision.

Or buy this French style beret in wool, for stylish and cold days, a light grey to match with all Season's shades.

And now let's talk about traveling, another special gift idea for you and your friends.

This gift idea is the possibility to contribute to a wonderful travel experience, giving your friends and relatives a voucher of 100€ to be spent for a holiday of seven days in the fabulous destinations of their choice with Hotelplan, Turisanda and Eden Viaggi. To obtain this voucher you should use my name or the name of my blog when talking to these Tour Operators.

At this point in time I do really hope to have offered you some good and useful advice for your gifts and I can only wish you the best Christmas shopping!!

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