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Lady Dior Art

When you are fascinated by a brand you cannot avoid to tell what this brand is proposing to increase its uniqueness and obviously the boundless admiration by its fans.

Having asked a series of artists to reinterpret according to their vision such an iconic bag as the Lady Dior - born in 1994 in the Atelier of the Maison - expresses so strongly the deep bond that Dior has with art, so as to come to consider the bag like a catalyst able to stimulate creativity, and as a base capable of welcoming the inspiration of very different artists.

Having a strong identity and letting go is not for everyone. Only the cool ones can do it.

The iconic Lady Dior bag, originally with a different name and later dedicated to Lady Diana who made extensive use of it, has been reinterpreted already last year by a series of artists, who created a Limited Edition, innovative and unprecedented.

Following the success of the Limited Edition last year, this year the Maison Dior has once again asked a group of creative people to transform the Lady Dior according to their own vision, making use of their own technique.

And just last night I had the privilege to meet one of these artists - Betty Mariani, and to witness the live creation of a masterpiece with her splatter technique, the same one she used to personalize her Lady Dior.

It is always engaging and somewhat seductive to watch an artist in the flow of creation, when wrapped in his light and totally detached from the surrounding environment, music and chatter, he is inside a personal and disruptive vein, leading something out of an infinite space something that did not exist before and offering it to those who let themselves be attracted by.

Here it is, this is art in my opinion, and the reinterpretation of the Lady Dior is a real piece of art that you can take away and collect, trying to understand the various meanings drawn on the 'cannage' by the various artists: Chinese words expressing feelings related to geographical locations,

...or an opulence of buttons, pearls and sequins to exemplify the fashion concept that inspired the creative, as in this wonder here with me, and many other creations to discover ...

A Limited Edition with very little availability, a masterpiece not to be missed.

A special gift that you can choose with the perfect advice of Alessio at the Dior boutique in Via Montenapoleone.

Lady Dior Art - Boutique Dior Via Montenapoleone, Milano

Artista Betty Mariani

Foto Andrea Delbò

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