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Diary of an Emotion

There are really few days in which you feel in the right place at the right time and you have the full awareness of each moment, enjoying every single instant and sticking to your memory every moment.

Just a few words to say what it meant yesterday for me. An important anniversary, the 25th anniversary of our wedding, which seemed to have fluttered.

I have been touched by an emotion hard for me to describe, a set of joy, gratitude, sentiment, nostalgia.

My voice crackled in reciting the renewal of the marriage vows, and my eyes got moistened, thinking of all those who were there for us on an ordinary Tuesday and those who were there twenty-five years ago and yesterday were watching us from above.

While Don Giulio was saying his felt and beautiful homily for us two brides, the images of so many moments that characterized our life together were passing in front of me. Intense moments and everyday life, unrepeatable and routine situations, difficult circumstances, priceless joys ... those joys and pains on which a solemn promise is made when joining in marriage, spared to nobody.

Yet I'm fond of all these beautiful and ugly moments, because in reality everything that happens in life is in the end an opportunity, and I made my mantra around this.

Like twenty-five years ago I arrived in Framura the evening before the ceremony, the small village in Liguria where I spent so many holidays as a child and for which I have a deep affection, as it always reserves those emotions of places a bit arduous, rounded by unexpected sweetness.

Getting from the city still excited for the thousands things, getting off to bring the mega cake of the anniversary

to l'Agave, a wine bar with kitchen perched on the marina, where in a quiet evening on the sea, half lightned by ​​the moon, they welcome you with an appetizer of cuttlefish, celery and hemp seeds followed by a fresh orata, ready to host us for the our anniversary dinner the following day.

Starting to enter into the rhythm. That of being able to enjoy the moment, the moment of life that is fleeting, slipping away. Twenty-five years in a breath.

The next day begins with the calm of waiting, the conscious expectation that everything that comes will be beautiful and intense, especially funny.

The first ones to come home are the videomakers, who will be able to condense in a movie all the emotion and authenticity of various characters and acts.

The bride preparing, the nooks and crannies of the house, the emotions that sprout on the groom's face, confined here and there because he must not see the dressed bride, the garden views, the strange and beautiful light of this day, my little daughter helping me and peeping, who knows what she thinks, the elder one calling on her way from Milan with her best friend.

Then comes the photographer, and it's all a creative teamwork, fun, collaborative. Grandpa also indulges, willingly accepting technical and preparation times a bit long.

Some friends coming to greet, confetti, celebration booklets mixed with makeup around the house, the bouquets...

And then what seemed like an endless time - but isn't time always joking with us like this? - it's getting short, hurry up the time has come, don't you want to arrive late like in your wedding day? It was raining, I was justified then, but today it's not raining, hard to all weather forecasts.

Go away the friends, go away the groom, the bride making her last touches to the hairstyle, my dad impatient ... Here we are, we are coming.

What is life if not a sequence of small moments of insignificant happiness? Like a breakfast together in the morning when you can. Life is not only about great things, but about so many small things that happen, so many that you cannot even remember, among which are hidden crumbs of happiness, whose taste is nourishment to the soul.

An inestimable time for me, this one of the breakfast together. The mornings of the last twenty-five years, they flew.

The tranquillity of this sea tonight, the sky squashed by such a romantic light that no filter could ever match, a spot tied to my childhood memories where my soul tonight is fulfilled.

It is said that cooking is the act of greater love for a human being because cooking takes time - here we are, it is always this time - and dedicating time to others is the most beautiful gift that can be given.

They have spent a great deal of time here at Agave for us and all the extraordinary courses they have prepared represent the emblem of their love and attention to their guests, a symbol of the generosity of giving, an orchestration of the matching between flavors, colors, smells.

Crisp mushrooms freshly picked and baked at the moment, hot crostini with purple cabbage, falafel with mint, the gorgeous homemade Genovese focaccia and vegetable cake, roasted octopus with pistachios, prawns with chickpeas and licorice, the creamy stockfish. And in addition the stingers with scampi, corsetti with white pesto and marjoram - the grass whose existence and use is known by very few.

A timeless evening. A unique place. Twenty-five years of our lives together.

Photo Service: Valentina Melzi, Twinkle Creative

Video Makers: Andrea Bottini and Lorenzo Luca, Weddingreel

Wedding Dress: Atelier Emé, Milan

Bouquets: Coral Flower Shop Milan and Floral Bouquets Bouquet Gianluca

Hairband: Yuri Ahn

Dinner: l'Agave, Winery with Kitchen, Framura

Wedding Cake: La Martesana, Milan

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