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My Limited Edition

And here we go. I am very proud to introduce you to my first limited edition "Goods for franci_chelli": this silk blouse, entirely conceived and produced in Italy, in the silk farms of Como.

A silk blouse is a very elegant and versatile item, sober and sophisticated together, a real jolly to keep in the closet and that's why I started from here.

A few months ago, together with Goods Milano we decided its design, with a soft cut, a V neckline and flouncy sleeves, refined and easy to wear at the same time.

I find a silk blouse as an excellent alternative to classic shirts, and moreover this is a model that I like very much, wearing puffball in pants or skirts, or even loose.

In fact it's perfect with a pair of skinny pants and a suede jacket in the same shade, but also with basic jeans and ballerinas. The blouse style and its design are a bit of a mix between an old classicism and the trend of the moment.

The print of the blouse we have created with Goods Milan is indeed a great trend this year: a kaleidoscopic fantasy with a geometric and optical design, somehow inspired to the seventies, very refined, which makes this item elegant or leisure, depending on the chosen combination. The colors then, ivory, blue, brown: they are all shades that this Fall will be seen a lot around, offering the opportunity to widely twirl the blouse in your closet.

This model is perfectly wearable for example with pink nuances, also played around together with accessories. In this way you can get a classy and chic look.

It's very beautiful also wearing it with high waist pants in the autumn tones of rust, a distinctive and original way to face this new season.

And what about matching it with bordeaux trousers and a pinafore blue dress? In this way you will get a very faithful look from the 70', nostalgic, elegant and gritty.

Among the endless combinations, another one can be played wearing a suede skirt, evoking the brown design color, a shade that I always consider very refined, matching the look with in-tone accessories.

To pre-order your blouse"Goods for franci_chelli" write

available sizes: from 38 to 46 (Italian sizes)

price: 240€

Orders to be confirmed since September12th, 2017 until availability exhaustion

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