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One Year of my Blog

Paulo Coelho said that elegance is usually confused with superficiality, fashion, and lack of depth, and that this is a serious mistake because humans need elegance in their actions and postures, as this is synonymous with good taste , amiability, equilibrium and harmony.

So much truth in these words expressing a very important concept, namely that elegance and refinement are made both of form and substance, the elegance of manners and clothing reflect in fact an inner harmony.

Since one year from the opening of my lifestyle blog, I am pleased to inaugurate today its first birthday, fully sharing this thought which reflects one of the reasons leading me to start this adventure.

In fact, I like the idea of ​​trying to be a source of style inspiration in various and different occasions, expressing my sense of freedom in the choices of a woman who does not always recognize herself in pre-established models and wants to express in a more contemporary and personalized way. The act of dressing up is for me a form of creativity and individual statement, and at the same time a way of communicating myself daily.

Exactly one year ago I began to write almost as a joke, and then I enjoyed telling about my thoughts tied with fashion, travel, personal emotions and feelings of life, colors, perfumes, nature, sea and cities.

Everything mixed up with my worldview and a bit of irony and lightness that led me to explore life differently this year, also tracing a plan of work linked to my own initiatives and stories I was happy to share.

I have written of special invitations and unique atmospheres - such as a dinner in the Royal waiting room of Milan's Central Station, or about the history of jeans and nine ways to wear it, or even about wonderful and almost unknown places in Sardinia, or of an Opera premiere at La Scala, or even about fashion shows of important brands where I was invited.

The recurring theme combined in my stories is fashion and style, played in different contexts, always trying to create a bit of magic and curiosity with contents able to bring a message and create interest in the reader.

Studies background and managerial experience are the basis, I know where I want to go, then I follow my intuitions - and work rationally.

But I won’t plan too far ahead, I'm a dreamer with so much creativity, and I translate it into pragmatism for a survival instinct!

Short term programs are therefore the launch of my first Limited Edition item for coming Fall to be sold online, along with the focus on travel projects in conjunction with fashion brands. A great attention is on communication aspects through social networks and events, one of whose will host me at the 2017 Communication Festival, taking place in Camogli by early September.

And who follows me will know the next plans ...

My blog gives me the most beautiful moments each time I get to completing the article, trying to do my best. Polishing, remaking, smoothing again the same revision imperceptibly.

Then it comes the moment when I press the button and launch the new script on the web. Everything that up to that moment was just mine becomes now public and viral.

And then it gets to my followers, people in the flesh, with their tastes and preferences and with whom I have a continuous and daily exchange, through social network messages, mails or in some cases even in person: as an example, a cappuccino in Via Solferino with Giorgia from Greece passing by in Milan, an aperitif with Adriana in Forte dei Marmi, or a casual encounter at Bocconi with Novella, a very sweet student who recognized me in the main hall of my University.

All my numerous followers are the ones who give me great satisfaction pushing me to continue generously on my work.

So, happy birthday to mystylenotebook ... and let's go ahead with many new adventures!

A special thank you to the Pastry of Hotel Chia Laguna for the creation of the marvelous birthday cake for mystylenotebook, particularly to Mario the Pastry Chef, to Marta who has interpreted my wishes, to Franco and Steve for their collaboration.

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