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A Bath of Beauty

Water is the origin and the commencement of everything: the benefits of a good massage in the water were already well known in Roman times, because water has always been a source of relaxation and well-being. Hydrotherapy is therefore an ancient method that uses water in all its forms to bring benefits to the body.

An ideal treatment and in my opinion also very pleasant able to detoxify and awaken the body is the whirlpool bath.

In fact, the water temperature can help both detoxify and purify the body as well as stimulate the circulatory system and metabolism. Hydromassage in water is the ideal method for recovering energy, feeling a sense of total relaxation of both the organism and the mind.

The benefits of a whirlpool do not only concern the body, which is more relaxed and rested, but are especially relevant to the mental sphere: a well-done hydromassage brings relaxation and comfort, reasserts the psycho-physical equilibrium and the harmony lost during the day. Especially if you have the opportunity to combine the benefit of the hydromassage with a relaxed and in harmony with nature environment, as the wonderful and very effective Bioaquam SPA course at Hotel Chia Laguna Resort.

The alternate hot and cold water application of the various indoor and outdoor pools with steam synergy and natural re-activating extracts in the relaxation zone with the Turkish bath and rasul, are able to oxygenate the tissues and help them reabsorb the deposits and the internal water retention. The therapeutic effect of this set of techniques is based on the body's reaction to mechanical or thermal stimuli to heat and cold, induced by the use of water to remove toxins and strengthen the body, improving circulation and increasing clean blood flow to tissues.

In fact one benefit of hydrotherapy not to underestimate is the re-activation of the circulation that also tones the skin.

In addition, by removing superficial dead cells, the skin becomes more receptive to subsequent cosmetic applications.

Hydrotherapy is a true source of well-being for the mind as well. The pressure of the hydrotherapy massage stimulates the release of endorphins, which solicit the nerve fibers, creating a feeling of pleasure and relaxation. The tissues, massaged and regenerated, are stimulated and the muscles, together with the nerves, are relaxed and reconditioned as well as distressed.

After a pleasant hydro massage, it is advisable to lay down for a dozen minutes wrapped in a bathrobe so that pressure can return to normal. And then, after moisturizing the skin, it is necessary to rehydrate internally drinking an infusion or even with natural water and lemon juice.

Photos taken at the SPA of Hotel Chia Laguna

IHC- Italian Hospitality Collection

Viale Belvedere - Località Chia

Domus de Maria - Cagliari - Sardegna

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