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Style: Three Times a Day

With all the decisions we have to make in a day, wondering if we look our best shouldn’t be one of them. Getting dressed should be fun and energizing, especially during weekend and on holiday when the password is relax!

In this article I propose you three different looks for three different occasions during various moments of the the day, with a thread of gold and beige, two shades always enhancing the slightly amber colored skin of this period.

Let's start with a look designed for an informal occasion, to move comfortably at the sea between a cappuccino in the morning or some shopping, without compromising on the style.

At the center of the first look of the day here we find the pants, in polished fabric and wide palazzo shape, a practical and easy to wear item, able to give a lot of character to the entire outfit if enriched by a lively and chic design and accompanied by the right accessories.

Today, in fact, I have combined the floral design in golden and green tones trousers with a mini printed double-faced scarf knit on my wrist, a creation that Christian Dior had dedicated to his muse, Mitzah Bricard, and which features the emblematic codes of the Maison. The one I wear shows exactly my initial!

I then decided to match the timeless Gucci buckle in beige color with cream-colored leather and champagne shaded metal trim to evoke some of the trouser tones.

When the outfit is so showy, it is essential to complete the set with a neutral element. In this case I decided to wear a white t-shirt to soften and focus attention on silk and purse patterns. The pendant earrings and the long necklace in pale pink natural stones give a touch of ultimate romance.

Let's move now to a second moment of the day, a lunch with friends for example, a daytime ceremony or a drink in the afternoon. We are facing the need to give our outfit a more sophisticated and elegant look, without getting to an overly arranged set up.

I therefore propose a dress in beige tones, with some romantic lace and pleated manufacturing, matched with open sandals that make it more everyday. Just like the ethnic Hermes necklace combined with a circle gold earring to give a happy-go-lucky and light tone.

On this set I recommend to add a small bag, such as a mini-Peekaboo with floral designs on the same beige tones of the dress to embellish the whole.

And here we come to the evening. Which kind of Summer would it be without an evening party? How to dress to shine a bit?

I suggest you to go for a long gilded, smooth silk dress with a draped heart neckline that gives a nice movement to the waist.

In this case I decided to play with the monochrome and I paired this dress with the high-heeled sandals gold finished, shimmering with jewels. A pair of gold-plated earrings leave neckline to stand out.

A mini metallic gold pouch and some mixed bracelets complete this classy look, also wearable for a beach dinner with decorated flats.

Wish you a beautiful Summer!

The outfits of this article:

Aspesi t-shirt, Zara Woman trousers, Dior Mitzah, Gucci Bucket, M.Bruni Reichlin earrings and necklace, Louis Vuitton Ring

Twin-Set Dress, Louis Vuitton sandals, Hermes necklace, Fendi mini-Peekaboo, Louis Vuitton ring, Goods Milano earrings

Rosa Dipinto gold silk dress, Louis Vuitton heels, Dior purse, Dior earrings, Louis Vuitton ring

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