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A Style Inspiration Preview

I'm trying to interpret which will be the way to understand style for next season, investigating concepts, colors and influences that will define it. As always, the main guidelines around which a season focuses its inspiration are concentrated on a whole set of elements and reflect what is happening in our global culture, expressing our mood and attitudes.

I see in the first place a general dream to go back to nature, the desire to breathe pure air, to re-oxygenate and draw new lymph, overwhelmed as we are by technology invading our lives in all its forms and modes, often with artificial rhythms and not always appropriate.

The more we feel oppressed by modern life, the stronger the impulse to immerse yourself in the beauty and harmony of nature. This concept thus translates into renewal and purity of shades like greenish, golden yellow and brown. Warm tones on raw and natural fabrics and materials, yarns and accessories, to symbolize and express the closeness to the earth and the vitality that it emanates from. Shades also recalling the colors of the healthy and alkaline centrifuges for our bodies.

This authentic breath of freshness, a symbol of new inspirations and influences, will be found in prints and in patterns, especially in accessories such as shawls, scarves, and accessories, usually worn tone tone.

Cities see a widening of their own roots that mix up different traditions of each ethnicity, combining diverse styles and creating unusual and innovative mixes. Very trendy sports pieces pulled together with chic elements. Different textures and fabrics mixed for a rich, new, creative result.

Everything is influenced by an imaginary that, in addition to the green inspiration, has color explosions within its basic shades, and refers to other elements of nature, such as blue danube and fresh flowers shades.

A return to origins that is influenced by other worlds and a contamination between different traditions creating a somewhat tribal-ritual style, based on creative recycling, on the imagination of other traditions, and inspired by the opulence of women from far away lands.

A trend that is very rich of influences but also so much open to be interpreted by each of us, in the individual discovery of a greater originality, yet together in search of a sense of reassurance that reunites us and we all long for, in such a complex world.

The outfit worn in this article:

Aspesi Jacket

Guess denim shirt

Bluemarine silk Top

Hermes Shawl

Pot Pourry Venezia tulle skirt

Muse of London Sandals

M.Bruni Reichlin Earrings

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