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How do you pack for this Summer?

Since Summer is just around the corner , I wanted to share some of my looks to inspire you when packing for the destination of your holiday.

First of all this season will reveal the jubilation of the one-piece! Well yes, exactly the one-piece which completely dresses us, will have the leading role on the beaches and in the pools.

The one that I wear in this picture is enriched by ruffles, definitely a very glamorous and feminine creation. Like some of the new one-pieces for the Summer 2017 also this one is characterized by chromatic contrasts, for a sophisticated and unique color effect, with an extremely modeling too.

My special tip for this season: I suggest you to wear them not only as beachwear but also as a body to be matched with shorts or trousers or even with a long skirt for the evening! An extra idea to make the most of it!

As a general suggestion for your beach wear, I suggest you keep the general mood on bright side and pack your Summer suitcase with light pieces and matching sets, like this bright red set, to give you fun and good vibes when moving around during the day or having a drink in the evening.

You might for instance pair your red caftano with a clutch in the same shade and with wengé and coral jewels.

As I like to change colors and outfit everyday, I like to pack many pareos or caftano dresses in different shades and designs.

I normally prefer light colors such as naturals, which are always a good choice, so to stay cool and fresh in another look, I decided to wear this Indian style beach rome matching it with a macramé bag and a caramel color bikini, with precious details on my waist.

But I'm also happy chilling and chic with some top- I like very much wearing silk twills on the beach or small light dresses together with nice and colored shorts.

Which colors to choose? I personally like pastel colors that can go along with the blue beaches and the green scenery.

Depending on your holiday destination you might be spending most of the time in bathing suits. Which colors and prints to choose?

Whatever color you might prefer and choose, however, the small details always make the difference.

Like the bright and vivid colors of this bikini which together with its special design and its geometric lines can give a twist to your day on the beach!

Or the accessories you decide to wear with...What about a red and sparkling bikini paired with comfortable sandals, maybe with a touch of shimmering stones or open-toe flats?

Happy Summer to you all!

My Summery outfits and looks of this article

Fendi one-piece, Chanel sunglasses

Glamour in rose bikini, Louis Vuitton clutch, M.Bruni Reichlin diamonds earrings, wengé and coral ring and bangle

Glamour in Rose Caftano, Eres bikini, Gucci bag, Ray-ban sunglasses

Hermes Twill

Superblonde dress, Moschino shorts, Hermes sandals, St.Barths bag

Hermes bikini

Celine sunglasses, Muse of London jewels sandals

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