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A White Dress is Forever

A white dress should never be missing in your wardrobe: simple, fresh and summery, it can go with everything as well as it can be mixed with colorful and glamorous details. White is one of the main colors of this season, but in general is a shade that is almost always found in the Spring and Summer collections. Easy, chic, romantic. But it is also practical and suitable for both formal and leisure occasions. It's definitely a must have!

Marriage certainly comes to mind with a white long dress and to this regard I got married in October a few years ago, as I had already written in another article, I find Fall the most romantic season and able to add magic through its colors and its atmospheres. The sunsets provide amazing shades and autumn begins to show up in the leaves of the trees, colored yellow, orange, red, offering a unique environment. The blue of the sea also acquires a special depth. I'm building a story on the subject ... Are you curious? Follow me in the coming months and I'll give you some taste.

I find a particular charm in the long white dress and I really don't mind wearing it on several occasions, especially because white is among my favorite colors. It is however a color historically and traditionally linked to the theme of marriage as a symbol of purity but also for the sacredness it can communicate.

The lavish white wedding dress was first glorified at the wedding between Anne of Brittany and Louis XII, while true fashion was launched three hundred years later by Queen Victoria, breaking the tradition of Royal weddings changing the color of her dress, replacing a white wedding dress to the silver one so far used in Royal ceremonies.

The occasions to show off the long white dress, a timeless evergreen of women's wardrobe, are different, from Summer evenings to any special occasion or for daytime. Not all, as you might think at first, are related to weddings or special events. It is possible to wear the dress long to the ankles or almost to the ground even for the day but, of course, it is important to choose tasty matches. You can wear it with a mini bag and with flat or even slave sandals, perfect especially with chemisier kind of dresses.

Today I decided to combine this very chic and romantic dress with a very special jewelry: the cameo. I have always liked the cameo and over time this type of jewel has become a symbol of taste and classic style, but since everything that comes from the past is now rediscovered and revamped by fashion world, fashion designers have retrieved the cameo jewels, bringing them back on the catwalks.

Cameo aren't just cool, but also very glam because they can be worn with different looks and styles, and pieces of jewelry with large cameo are absolutely trendy too. The craftsmanship of the cameo is a precious work of art and can be used on several occasions.

Today, for example, I decided to match my cameo with a romantic gown, but they are also suitable for a more sporty look, for example the same cameo pendant with a simple necklace or some other precious detail, to be matched even with a pair of jeans and a beautiful white shirt, to give an original touch to the whole set.

This ancient bracelet comes from an antiques market in Brussels and has a particular history: it was made in Italy on an English commission and belonged to the noblewoman portrayed on the cameo, who wore it exactly on the day of her marriage!

And the ultimate touch: some slave leather sandals to downplay the bridal effect and give a super trendy signature to a look that I recommend for the upcoming Summer evenings!

The details of my outfit

Red Valentino, dress and sandals by Fiacchini Boutique

Necklace and cameo pendant, handcraft creations by Sarah Patellaro

Bracialet and ancient cameo, Italian craftmanship, end of the nineteenth century

M.Bruni Reichling earings

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