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Dressing in Tone

Don't define your world in black and white, because there is so much hiding amongst the greys.

There is no easier way to appear effortlessly stylish than with tonal dressing. Building a look around a single color is relatively simple, but something we might tend to overlook as an option in the often details and accessories-focused world of contemporary women wear.

However, it’s always good to remember that simple makes a style statement all its own.

Here you can find some inspiration for an all-grey look for this Spring/Summer.

When thinking about monochromatic looks the two colors that come to mind most immediately for women are navy and black. They’re also the two colors majority of women are likely to have the most of in their closet. The fact that grey is neutral contributes to it being somewhat underrated, however it is the perfect color choice for making a cool, sophisticated, and understated style statement during this season.

Obviously you a grey base should be accompanied with another color and what I suggest today is to go with a clear white, cream shade - the symbol of purity, strength and neutrality. White is most effective as part of an ensemble and today I think I found a balanced combination between grey and white.

To put together a grey monochromatic look, choose pieces that are in the same color family, but not exactly the same shade. As you can see here, my silk shirt has a grey lighter shade compared to the color of the skirt, due to its transparency.

Also, try mixing different patterns and textures. This will add an element of depth as well as a great deal of visual interest.

You will notice the silk shirt for instance that gives a deep contrast with the strong cotton and the leather of the skirt's decorations, keeping the element of continuity given by the flowers of both the items.

You need to add an element of emphasis to a grey look. So if you are wearing a very feminine skirt, have it with pockets a size too big. Or if you are wearing a simple fabric, have it with lot's of decorations, and wear a silk shirt not too much tight-fitting.

If you are wearing grey, wear more grey. Go grey-on-grey. Flecked granite with soft, cloud grey. Charcoal with silver. Do not detract from the grey by wearing a bright jacket or a jolly necklace. Give importance to grey.

Finishing it off with a clear bag - I chose a cream shade leather bucket - and python pumps, to add some punctuation to an otherwise muted color palate.

Outfit Details:

Massimo Alba Silk Shirt

Fendi Skirt

Chanel bucket

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