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Eight Miniskirts for Eight Streets

The miniskirt, most commonly called "mini", is the result of a long battle fought between the late 1800s and the first half of 1900. After criticism and disapproval, today the miniskirt has become a cult item, to create also classic and chic outfits, as in the picture above, where I have matched a suede skirt together with black and pink suede accessories.

In the Summer period that is approaching, the miniskirt comes out of the closet to face up to the heat of this season. This is a very versatile garment but you have to find the right combinations for the various occasions: follow me and discover them in an unusual and unique location.

There is an area in Milan that has nothing to do with the city hectic pace and the high concrete buildings that everyone knows. It is one of the most exclusive areas of the county town and it has an interesting history, in its eight roads this district gathers together many bourgeois and period palaces that look like Summer residences, surrounded by beautiful trees and vegetation, flowers and plants, Immersed in an almost unreal silence. Where you can wear, for example, the mini jeans of the photo above, perfect for a hot day at the sea or in the countryside.

But the most interesting thing is the history of this area, which dates back to the early 20th century and is linked to the world of culture. In fact, in May 1911, lawyer Mario Cerati, editor of Il Secolo, published an editorial of great impact on housing, in which he argued that if much had been done to the benefit of the working classes, no attention had been given instead to the small and middle bourgeoisie. The initiative was a success, so much that in a few months the project was put into operation leading to the birth of a cooperative, created to build new residences, and composed mainly of journalists - but also by literate artists, professionals and industrial managers . That's how the neighborhood took its name, becoming the 'Village of Journalists'. Here is where I am today.

It is essential to point out that this area was not part of the Lombardy capital, at the time of the start up of the project, but it was part of the independent autonomous community of Greco, annexed then to the city of Milan in 1923. Therefore, journalists representing the small middle bourgeoisie who had adhered to the initiative, had deliberately chosen for economic reasons, to live outside the Milanese borders. An outfit like the one above might be ideal for a day off the Milan border, wearing a red mini skirt matched with a jeans shirt.

Eight small streets, who took the name by so many important characters, were dedicated to Torelli Viollier, the first director of Corriere della Sera and to painters such as Raffaele De Grada and Renato Birolli, to Orio Vergani, Corriere della Sera journalist and first Italian reporter, to writers, journalists and playwrights such as Umberto Fracchia and Gino Rocca, to Luigi Barzini and Massimo Bontempelli, writers and journalists too.

In the green tones of these gardens, a miniskirt in shades, which looks like a painting.

The buildings are all low in this lovely area, three or four floors, each one covered with a typical tile of that age, colored in tones that are well harmonized with the rich surrounding vegetation but above all that define a piece of world of an unique and timeless atmosphere, those that will never end.

Like this really timeless look, a very romantic pink pleated skirt, matched with sandals and a purse in the same shade.

Streets are quiet, sidewalks are deserted, silence is absolute, and if you no longer know sufficiently well those neighborhoods, the risk is to get lost because the streets look all very similar, whereas each one has its peculiarities and corners. Like this original and very romantic well, for example, perfectly going along with my scrambled miniskirt, ballerina shoes and the decorated mini bag.

And now I'm greeting you with this photo as I walk in the middle of the street, without cars and without noise, wearing a mini white skirt matched with my leather jacket, wearing a look somehow rock and chic, in this beloved corner of my Milan.

The photographed outfits are in order:

Louis Vuitton suede skirt, HelenaHellen silk shirt, Roger Vivier suede bag and pumps

Louis Vuitton jeans miniskirt, Goods silk shirt, Chanel bag and ballerina shoes

Valentino Red miniskirt, Elena Hellen silk shirt, Chanel scarf, Kamilah Willacy clutch

Milaura miniskirt, jeans Guess shirt, Louis Vuitton scarf and sandals, Chanel bag

Dior minidress, mini baguette Fendi

Il Giardino di Francesca miniskirt, Elena Hellen silk shirt, Fendi baguette, Dior sandals

Chanel miniskirt, Elena Hellen silk shirt, Fendi mini peekaboo, Chanel ballerina shoes

Fendi skirt, Louis Vuitton t-shirt, Mari leather jacket, Chanel bag and pumps, Armani scarf

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