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The most beautiful color

Green water is for me the reference color when I want to specify the water of a certain point of the Sardinian sea, towards which I always feel a desire for nearly physical possession.

A special place where I have been since a long time, and my spirit has fallen deep in love with. I still remember the exact moment when, lying in the shade of a beach umbrella, with the breeze gently caressing me while I was hypnotizing by that color of water, I felt a motion of my spirit that made me desiring to have a root there. A base to allow me to enter more intimately with this place, feeling it more mine, and making me come back every time I wanted.

And now it is also a bit mine, this corner of South Sardinia, the place I love where as soon as I get I feel a reassuring emotion, always the same but it seems to me every time a little different, because it's me always arriving from the city barely prepared. That feeling of getting into a maternal embrace you already know almost taking it for granted, but that when it hugs you it's always new and it does fill you with contentment, not even letting you imagine how tough it is to do without it.

Here I found comfort even in life hard moments because my heart has let itself go, and all this positive energy of colors, wind, odours and this nature that comes so powerful into your heart shake and console you, sending you a message that is over and above whatever happens in life and really connects you with something superior.

Of this place I like everything unconditionally and even more, in every season, because in Summer is also too easy.

In March and April, when myrtle, juniper and helix fragrances feel even stronger. In December, when you land at Cagliari airport and it's like reaching the Caribbean, leaving foggy Linate just an hour before. And again in June, the Summer outbreak, in July when the colors look fancy, in August when it is hot, but there is also a breeze that mitigates it and makes you bear it.

And in September, when during the first days always timely comes the mistral who seems to take everything away, and then the glorious weather is back again , to go on until late October, and sometimes even in November, to let you bathe and warm up your mind, even before your body.

That silence that is so even if there is the wind, and it is everywhere in the low season but you can find it even in the high season, if you look for it in the early mornings or walking to the Lighthouse, the Saracen Tower or in the woods up on the mountains, from where you can see the sea and you would like to come back immediately down to dip into it.

I like this pure nature all around for so many stretches, wild, colorful, fragrant, never invasive but always rich and surprising. The Belvedere dei Baci, a place with a very romantic view as its name suggests, where you get after a walk in an exquisite pine forest. Masua and the Pan di Zucchero with its Faraglioni, where you can swing and rock in a beauty not looking like to belong to this world.

The Laveria Lamarmora, whose steps you can go up and down only until May, otherwise somebody has to come and get you, but the view and the colors that you enjoy from there will pay you back for all your efforts.

Not only nature, but also ancient history and civilizations that can be found in the vestiges of a past with a very particular flavor.

And all those places you did not even know they existed and now you discover little by little and you make them your own.

This is a declaration of infinite love to a place that has never disappointed me, and which, on the other hand, makes me happy and feeling good, also rebalancing me. But it also makes me feel immensely nostalgic when I go back to the city, until the point I count the days separating me from the next time, when I will see who welcomes me saying: " Sa dommu est pitticca, su coru esti mannu" (The house is small, the heart is big).

The photographed places are in order:

Dune di Campana Beach, Chia

Belvedere dei Baci, Pineta Candiani, Porto Pino

Necropolis of Montessu, Santadi

Domus de Maria


Porto Flavia

Capo Spartivento

Faraglioni of Nebida

Laveria Lamarmora

Sant'Efisio Church, Nora

Rosas Narcao Mine

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