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9 Ways to Wear your Denim

The high waisted jeans in very dark blue denim I'm wearing in this picture gives an elegant and chic effect, if accompanied by important accessories, such as embroidered boots in blue shades and a big squared croc bag with blue stitching.

Today I start from here, telling you about a so versatile garment that is not lacking in anyone's wardrobe. This article will show you how this garment with different forge and lines, simply combined with a white shirt and with always different accessories can be used on various occasions, coping with the usual question 'What to wear today?' as we often ask ourselves when in front of our wardrobe.

Jeans have made the history of generations and represent the casual clothing icon by excellence: first worn only by youth and young adults, now the blue fabric trousers, even though over the years many appropriate variants have been introduced, occupy a place in the cabinets of virtually everybody .

The tight or cigarette fitting in the picture below reminds a bit of the '60s when the blue jeans, also for the simplicity and the essentiality of their forms, expressed in a concrete manner the refusal of social conventions and formal dressing mainly by the youngest side of the world.

Also this Capri model reminds of the '60, it's heigh just below the calf, it is a super chic combination when matched with a pair of ballet shoes and a straw bag, for a holiday afternoon at the beach or in the countryside.

With the hippy creativity of the '70s, waist tight and flared jeans start to spread around, a version proposed again later also by many fashion brands. Here below you can see one version in faded denim and sporty look, paired with suede boots and accessories in brown shades.

The birthright in terms of manufacture of jeans is historically traced to the city of Genoa, where the transformation of canvas into garment pieces took place. This type of "blue fabric" was used to pack the bags for the ships' sails and to cover the goods in the port. Considering that at that time they used to give the fabric the name of the place of production, it is believed that the British blue-jeans-term derives directly from Bleu de Genes words, namely blue of Genoa in French.

But over time the denim has also tacked in other shades, as in the photo here below, where I propose you another flared model from the '70s in black, that I often use for formal and elegant occasions.

In past times also Garibaldi dressed casual. In fact, when the "Thousands" arrived in Marsala, Garibaldi wore, as many of his partisans, a pair of "Genoese", today held in Rome at the Central Museum of the Risorgimento at the Vittoriano.

And here I am, in a more casual and personalized version, with a pair of white sneakers and jeans with pearls, some of the '90s, when the denim was rediscovered and made even more original by adding decorations and various types of materials- precisely beads, glitter, pins to make a more distinctive leisure clothing.

How much progress has been made since 1871, when the tailor Jacob Davis added the copper rivets to denim pants, to reinforce the pockets subject to wear, which originally were particularly filled by gold seekers and miners.

There have been gradually other cut variants: the small pocket sometimes left instead of right, the back pockets in some models have expanded, and have been noticed some models with classic trousers rear pockets too. Since the '80s, jeans have been no longer just a piece for leisure, but they have started to become a luxury item, to match with important accessories.

The model I wear is perfect for day and evening, to be worn with heels, which emphasize the sleek line of the pants.

Slim fit and skinny cuts have been added as well to the most classic line, with particularly tight features, even with the insertion of colored applications of other material or, as in this model I'm wearing, with rhinestones adorning the bottom of the pants and making them even more precious, especially if combined with chic accessories to make the whole set very peculiar.

The indigo blue jeans clothing with denim fabric can be conjugated with many other colors, and this inseparable duo has become a distinctive and exclusive brand that gives a special meaning to your look. I would say almost mythical, for clothes that are normally worn in the common everyday life and we grow fond of.

As in this case, in which an ordinary cigarette low waist denim, combined with the bright red accessories, has made my outfit very original.

So, what are you waiting to pull your jeans out of your closet and create your personal look?

Jeans: Fendi, Jacob Cohen, Prada, M.Grifoni, Louis Vuitton, Zara, Teresa Dainelli, Met, Seven

White shirt: Zara

Shoes: Chanel ballerina and sneakers, blue Fendi boots, black Louis Vuitton boots, Gianvito Rossi boots, anckle boots Santoni

Bags: Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Goods

Silk bandles: Louis Vuitton, Dior

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