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Beauty attracts Beauty

What am I doing sitting on an original sixteenth century Florentine mosaic made of semi-precious stones with extraordinarily realistic painting? A set of lapis lazuli, malachite, agate, alabaster looking like a real painting, one of the many masterpieces sprinkled inside the Hotel Cavalieri Waldorf Astoria in Rome, who invited me along with La Prairie, to offer me a wonderful hospitality and beauty experience.

Here we have another trip I want to tell you about. And as I promised you, I'd like evento recommend you which beauty products I routinely pack. But this time my travel beauty was light, because La Prairie, offered me a beautiful treatment when I arrived at the Spa inside the hotel.

While my face was carefully massaged, I relaxed enough to doze off and the pure golden drops of Cellular Radiance Pure Gold I was being applied immediately brightened my skin, leaving it radiant and smooth.

With my skin radiant and enlightened, I continued my relaxation in the warm pool inside the SPA, in a unique environment, where I continued with the turkish bath and sauna rituals. The time to change, and while outside a beautiful sunset was approaching Rome, I enjoyed this amazing view from the top of Monte Mario, where the Hotel Cavalieri is located ...

.... sipping a cocktail offered by the super kind Umberto, the Director of the Imperial Club, an exclusive space open all day on the seventh floor of the Hotel,

where I went and passed by again several times, for small gastronomic breaks.

The Cavalieri Hotel looks like a living museum, open to guests and visitors. In fact, here it is a unique art collection built up over time and coming from different periods, with an amazing collection of pieces, paintings, sculptures and furniture both classical and contemporary. There are pieces of furniture, clocks and sculptures of great value, as in the following photos, but also paintings and artworks of great value, from the paintings by Tiepolo, Kandinsky to Andy Warhol.

This whole thing of artworks, one of the richest in Italy and Europe, is sprinckled a bit everywhere, in the corridors, at the floors of the elevators, at the reception, on the stairs, making this hotel a unique and exclusive residence, with a refined and elegant atmosphere.

The Mediterranean park in which the hotel is located is another wonder, a heaven of peace and silence. Rome is undoubtedly a beautiful city but always crowded with tourists and quite chaotic. It 'sa privilege to escape into this garden, an oasis of beauty in nature, with birds chirping while tasting a wonderful breakfast - my favorite meal of the day which here is treated with great competence and professionalism.

The Hotel staff is friendly and has spoiled me, indeed flawed, proposing very well-finished and delicious dishes. I would never leave the breakfast table, where with courtesy and efficiency I have been looked after like a queen.

This Hotel is a concentrate of beauty in all its expressions and forms, from the SPA, to the nature all around and to the arts.

My stay was an unforgettable experience which has surrounded me with the essence of a restorative value for the body and the spirit, and which I hope to repeat soon!

Hospitality Hotel Cavalieri Waldorf Astoria Hotel & Resorts

Beauty treatment by La Praerie

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