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And now the journey can start

Have you ever experienced the feeling of entering a place not being really there but elsewhere? That 's what happened to me yesterday in Palazzo Bocconi ... I was not in Milan in Corso Venezia, but I had the thrill of being in a place far beyond time and space, reached thanks to the creativity and innovation of the collection of Objets Nomades presented yesterday by Louis Vuitton.

This exhibition, with a every year growing pieces of collectible limited edition furniture, is inspired by the historical art for the journey that is the heart of the Maison Vuitton, and that thanks to it deeply reinterprets its own essential spirit.

This exhibit of ten wonderful Objets Nomades by Louis Vuitton has its own power to stimulate the imagination and excitement for a trip away, through the exploration of the art of living in a modern and revolutionary way, like the Totem Floral created Damien Langlois - Meurinne, a structure that looks like a delicate exotic tree, inspired by the Noah Bag which in this case becomes the perfect container for plants and flowers.

Pieces that stimulate a desire for pleasure to touch and to use, and an even higher inspiration, imagining them in your own environments to give a touch of contemporary and timeless surprise, along with the functionality that twelve designers were able to match with the creativity of their proposals, while maintaining strong tie with the House and its distinctive marks.

As the Blossom Stool, which looks like a vortex, made in wood and soft leather, a reminiscent of the Monogram floral pattern.

An evolution of the travel concept, which becomes such even without leaving home but only touching the beauty of refined materials, stroking the plasticity of forms and proportions, appreciating the attention for the detail and craftsmanship, the cornerstones of all this creative proposal by Louis Vuitton.

I am in great admiration for the ability of this Maison, who might be more than satisfied with all that has been able to invent from 1854 until now, but instead always manages to overcome itself, indulging in the hands of international artists who reinterpret the brand through their vision, offering an inedited and unique expression, while strengthening the heart of the theme of travel.

A collection of 25 limited edition items, from the hammock to a foldable stool, that combine the design skills with the savoir-faire of Louis Vuitton. As this wonderful Palaver Chair by Patricia Urquiola, which demonstrates remarkable and innovative craftsmanship of woven sheets of perforated leather.

....You would like to jump inside one of the colorful Cocoon and, as the name implies, cocooning safely there for the rest of the day ....

... or sitting on the Lune Chair designed by Marcel Wanders - a masterpiece of elegance and comfort evoking the trunks inside...

....sipping your tea placed on the Talisman Table designed by India Mahdavi - with foldable and portable leather-covered base smelling of bags - and imagining to be in some exotic place, on the other side of the world.

Or simply at home or in your garden, traveling through inspiration and emotions that only the great ones can give you.

Objets Nomades - Exhibition April 4th to 9th, 2017

Palazzo Bocconi, Corso Venezia 48, Milan

Outfit: Louis Vuitton Dress and scarf

Accessories: Louis Vuitton Twist Louis Bag, Bracelet and necklace

Boots: Fendi

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