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The Fanes Kingdom

Crispy calamari on a cream of peas with stracciatella di burrata - and it is just the appetizer for a dinner peeping at the right time, after a day of skiing in the breathless scenario of the Dolomites and a few hours spent in the SPA of the Hotel Fanes.

First of all the ritual of Augfuss - the steam infusions that melt even your thoughts. A ritual of wellness and purification represented by spilling snowballs, mixed with essential oils, on hot stones placed over the sauna grate. The snow vaporizes through the contact with the stones, carrying essential oil particles and spreading around the sauna. The Augfuss Mister, through the rhythmic movements of a towel and accompanied by a very evocative background music, directs the hot and flavored steam and in the direction of the guests, causing an intense and enjoyable multi-sensory experience, enhanced even more by mixtures of fruits, honey and yogurt to apply all over the the body between one steam pouring and the other, to make the skin smoother than the one of a child.

And then you dive in the hot and cold pools, indoor and outdoor ...

....or in the whirlpools and in any type of steam bath, hydrosaline saunas with different heats and for any kind of specific need, and then laying on hay beds to relax at the end of everything.

Beyond to the plenty of personalized treatments for face and body that let you go home completely regenerated, even in your mind. Thanks to the supervision of Ingrid Crazzolara, the SPA Manager who knows perfectly what to advise to make you more beautiful. As this pure oxygen facial treatment, that is sprayed on the face and helps to absorb the cream fruit acids and the collagen, a real secret for cell renewal that deeply hydrates the five layers of the skin and brightens the complexion.

Since many years now the Hotel Fanes is my retreat. Although life is often complicated, I do everything to not give up every year at least one week in this paradise, which makes me forget everything and reconnects me with that part of myself, called spirit.

Everything here is always so perfect to make you feeling better than at home in every single detail, the compositions of fresh flowers personally handled by Mrs. Maria Crazzolara, the pieces of unique and original furniture, that you can see all over to enact that inimitable warmth, welcoming wood but not too intrusive, the cooking and the always special recipes by the Chef, like this little salad octopus with citrus.

You can notice the family touch in every corner of this beautiful creation, directed by the King Reinhold Crazzolara, as well as the Staff kindness and helpfulness make any moment a very pleasant time, to offer a very special holiday to the guests, who can thus concentrate only on their physical and mental wellbeing.

There is no need for anything else in this Kingdom.

Dolomiti Wellness Hotel Fanes, San Cassiano in Badia

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