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Orange is the happiest color

I start my article with a Frank Sinatra quote that is perfect for introducing the color of my look today. Orange is a color so explosive that touches heartstrings and lets happiness vibrating in a sunny Spring day.

Orange represents the abundance and is a warm and energetic color, with meanings related to relationships, optimism.

It is associated with the second chakra, and therefore to the emotions, to receptivity, fertility. It's a color that attracts the good state of mind, positive feelings, the harmony increase, causing even strong feelings because it gives off the same.

Combining a very bright and flamboyant color like orange is not easy, being definitely a bit flashy. For this Season orange is a Must Have and you can find it almost everywhere. Here are some tips and suggestions to wear it with the right combinations. In these pictures you can see how I interpret it for this Spring/Summer 2017.

First of all, how to match the orange to avoid mistakes? This nuance, ranging from the brighter to the more subtle tones, can go with several different colors and proves therefore to be very versatile. You might dare the total look with accessories that break and combine it with other shades or materials - such as leather and suede.

Certainly orange is the warmest of complementary colors and I really think it naturally attracts the more lukewarm shades of beige: caramel, sand, white, but also as dark as earth tones.

In fact, I paired my orange suede pants, which have a fierce line and are particularly comfortable, with brown and beige tones and with different materials, such as leather and suede.

All this is mixed up with a piece of clothing in a triumph of color of a printed palette that stands out even more - compared to the combination with more neutral colors. I'm talking about the shirt, that on its white base has a beautiful pattern from the seventies in orange and brown tones, a perfect shade that blends with the orange of the pants being also evoked by the leather sport coat. I

If the total look orange seems too flashy, you can choose to wear only a touch of orange to give originality to your outfits.

The shirt with white pants would be enough, or even just an accessory - an orange bag, a scarf - to match a look in the colors of the earth, to make stand out such a sunny color. I paired the orange Evelyne Hermès to this total look.

I gave the final touch with ticked pumps, in brown suede, and it seems already Summer!

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