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What would you choose?

Do you remember when, as little girls, we used to play with dolls and Barbies? The part I liked most was when we were choosing the outfits.

Well, today Louis Vuitton took me back to those memories: I played like if I were a doll, wearing really fabulous outfits.

Nicolas Ghesquière has proposed so many special pieces that it was hard to say which was the best. The fil-rouge of this collection is, in my opinion, that every single piece can be wore in different occasions, both elegant and everyday, but always with a unique detail. I think this is the most important reason when you choose a new piece of cloth.

Anyway, the portraitist helped me a lot: he did such a beautiful sketch of the look I'm wearing, that I was really tempted by the full outfit.

This outfit is composed by one piece: black skirt with belt, a pink top and a special long silk shirt that looks like a light jacket without sleeves. You can wear it everyday as well as for a special occasion, feeling very elegant and comfortable at the same time.

The black and pink pumps give the distinctive touch, contemporary but classic at once, they seem like ballet shoes perfectly married with the bicolor Steamer Bag.

And what would you say about this golden jumper? You see me in this picture while I'm saying that it's so comfy and light that I would wear it with a black leather skirt as well as with denim or white pants, being such a versatile item. This is again a unique and original style.

Like this unique petite Malle, simply amazing, paired with this silk shirt having a marine touch.

And you, what would you choose?

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