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Drink in Portofino

"And here, suddenly the discovery of a hidden cove, olives and chestnut trees. A small village, Portofino, spreads like a crescent moon around this calm basin. We slowly cross the narrow passage that unites this magnificent natural harbor to the sea, and we go to the amphitheater of houses, surrounded by a forest of a powerful and fresh green, and everything reflects in the mirror of the calm waters, where some fishing boats seem to sleep." Guy De Maupassant

The writer Guy De Maupassant arrived in Portofino in 1889 aboard his sailboat "Bel Ami" and to this seaside village he dedicated the poem I quoted, collected in the Log Book, where the writer was recording the emotions of his restless spirit and where he confessed having felt a rare sense of comfort and contentment when landing in the inlet.

Indeed peace and happiness that you feel coming from the sea and land in Portofino are priceless: the leaves just moved by the breeze, the sea water touching the stones, the boats rocketed by the water.

Many personalities hanged out at Portofino in time, a village that is a mix of nature, history and arts, unique in the world.

As a child I took my first steps in Portofino and it is for me a very familiar place in every season, as I am very attached to the family vacation house in a nearby village. I especially love come here in the off season when it is less crowded. Once, I was a girl, I remember that in a late September evening I was surprised in the Piazzetta by a sudden heavy shower and being without umbrella it made me completely wet, and especially let me so embarrassed seeing the dress I was wearing shorter and narrower!!

Portofino was founded during the Roman Empire with the name of Portus Delphini, thanks to the large population of dolphins present at the time in the Gulf of Tigullio. The village became part of the Republic of Genoa and for a period it was sold to Florence by Charles VI of France, but the Florentines themselves then returned the territory to the Genoese Republic.

What to wear in Portofino? Of course even if the place is stylish, the look will have to be sought but absolutely informal, either you get off from a yacht for dinner, you are on holiday in hotel or you are passing through for a drink.

I suggest you a white Capri pant just below the calf, paired with a silk blouse with sleeves or without, depending on the season, either if it is Spring or Summer.

Today I'm wearing one with some wonderful sleeves curled at the elbow, creating a snort worth of the French court. The color is sea-like, a turquoise-green water, my favorite color, perfect near to the sea.

I decided to combine with a shawl that incorporates the color of the shirt, also emphasizes it by adding a little purple, pink and green, evoking Summer already.

The bag should not be a big one, a soft leather small shoulder Evelyne model, in the blouse and shawl colors, polishes up to perfection the whole outfit.

We're in Spring and I'm wearing two-tone low heels recalling the colors of the trousers, but in Summer I would definitely go for flat sandals.

So I can only wish you a good drink in Portofino!

Outfit: Goods Milano silk shirt, Pot Pourry Venezia trousers

Louis Vuitton heels, Hermes mini Evelyne and shawl

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