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Approved by Royal Ascot...

The dress code of the Royal Ascot - the most expected elite date in the UK - has been updated. This year the innovation is related to the admittance of jumpsuits among the accepted formal dress codes to this event. This Summer in fact women will be able to wear jumpsuits at the Ascot Royal Enclosure, one of the most important racecourse in the world, following this change to the dress code.

Before the new ruling, female racegoers could wear skirts or dresses falling just above the knee or longer or full-length trouser suits. Organizers admitted that inclusion of jumpsuit as part of the Royal Enclosure dress code reflected Ascot's awareness of seasonal trends, recognizing customers' fashion-forward taste. If you're thinking of going this year, and plan to wear a jumpsuit, here are few styles you could consider buying.

Seriously you go or not at Ascot, a floral print dress or jumpsuit is one of those pieces that you can not help but wear every year and for this season is a leader in the spotlight. If you are looking for that perfect piece in floral print dress, search for one piece that fits you perfectly, compliments your skin tone, and you'll still wear for many years to come.

This piece of clothing is really versatile, for elegance, practicality, as well as frequency of use in various situations.

In fact, versatility of a dress is important because you want to be able to dress it up and down, formal, elegant or even daily. Wear the dress to brunch with the family or for a day of relaxation at the beach, or at a cocktail or even for a wedding.

This gorgeous floral print dress I’m wearing in those pictures - a pink pastel color base with blue and green flower pattern - looks very stylish and depending on the the jacket can be adapted to different circumstances: for a great style with a clear tones blazer and heels, but it would look just amazing if paired with a cropped denim jacket and precious flip flops, even for a drink at the beach.

Or it can be wore with a blue blazer and heels, and, as I'm doing today, accentuate waist with a silk sash and finish off the outfit with elegant sandals. In short this is the true versatility that also opens the field to the imagination, with jewels too.

And what about accessories? It is perfect together with a micro bag recalling the pastel colors and color matching stones jewels.

The high heels pumps that I have matched today picking up the dress blue flowers, polish up to a very refined look.

Outfit: Goods Milano Jumpsuit, Harris Wharf of London Jacket

Accessories: Micro baguette Fendi, Louis Vuitton pumps

Jewels: RossoPrezioso-jewels earrings

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