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Plissé pour Madame

The history of pleats has its roots in the time of the ancient Egyptians, for which the pleated dresses in elaborate folds were considered elegant items, worthy of queens and pharaohs. Through exhibits and descriptions we know the evolution of fashion that characterized the Egyptian world. It became gradually more and more rich, distinguishing itself in history for women's apparel characterization, no doubt because of its shape thickly pleated: our modern skirts seem to have taken much from ancient Egypt. And it is impossible not to evoke the women's clothing of ancient Greece, the common mythological iconography: the pleating is a technique that has deep roots in the history of costume. The inspiration for the famous Delphos tunic derives from there, a creation of Mariano Fortuny, which has become an icon of style: he was the one who officially patented in the pleating technique in 1909.

The pleated skirt is no doubt one of the must-haves of the last few seasons. This particular model of skirt is such a chic refinement that is suitable to be worn in many different occasions and adapts easily to all sorts of combinations, to create a sophisticated and trendy look. La gonna plissettata è senza dubbio uno dei must have di queste ultime stagioni.

The pleated skirt is one of the most bon ton models of the wardrobe, and even a little sloppy, reminiscent of the schoolgirl college look, with a nostalgic and delicate air, but also with interesting geometric effects. Is it most suitable for day or night? On both occasions! Just only play with the combinations, with a soft silk blouse for a chic effect that lends itself to be worn in the evening, or even with an oversized sweater for a sporty finish.

It can be matched with a t-shirt or a fancy shirt, like the one with ruffles I'm wearing today.

The pleated skirt is magical, lightly flatters light on the waists without scoring too much and makes elegant the day look.

The image of pleated skirts evokes that of mothers or grandmothers, recalls a nostalgic look, a retro image that returns in the collections of the new season, giving us the opportunity to play with a more sophisticated look of the fifties. And I must say that I like the red for the pleated skirt, because it manages to break the seriousness of important clothes, such as tailored outerwear, like for instance this jacket I'm wearing today.

But which are the accessories to match with a pleated skirt? The long pleated skirt, of course, can also be worn with pumps and décolletés, especially if you decide to wear this kind of skirt in a more formal and elegant setting.

And it's nice and pleasant to have fun with the accessories, a little bucket bag with sequins and an all colored monster charm...

....and even a scarf, pleated too and coincidentally, red ...

Outfit: Erika Cavallini skirt, Mauro Grifoni shirt, Hermes scarf

Accessories: Louis Vuitton pumps and bag, Fendi Monster Charm, Celine and Fendi bangle, MiuMiu sunglasses

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