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Rouge Flame and More

Today I would like to talk about the desire to change everything that we experience in Spring. I confess that I always struggle a lot in the transition from the austere Winter to the unstable Spring. The cold does not disturb me - I was born in January, maybe is it due to this? - but I am bothered a bit by the air, that is no longer cold but not yet warm, those rumblings of something that will be but it is not yet. Transition to Spring is always a hybrid not really fascinating for me, but pushing me instead to revolutionize something. Maybe it is not a coincidence that so many situations of my life have changed right in Spring.

Clothing is one of the first things we want to change in this time of transition, and it is impossible not to have inside the closet a series of garments that make us feel renewed and ready for a new season.

For example, a red overcoat red fire in a very heated tone, is a very versatile piece, especially if it has original shapes and lines, a little unstructured model, like the one I wear now.

I've styled it with denim trousers that mark and outline high the waist, very high, really a compromise between casual and glamour in navy blue color. The navy blue is a typical Spring color and a passe-partout for the Summer: here it is in fact among the trends of Spring-Summer colors 2017. This color is going really well with everything and you must have in the closet. A beautiful white cotton shirt with bon ton blue flowers pattern completes the whole. Red and blue are the symbol of perfection and with this combination one is never wrong!

And what about the accessories? As for the bag, I chose a model that can be used both day and night, black leather decorated with a design embellished with sequins, you can either carry it by hand or shoulder, enriched with a golden chain.

The look is completed with classic high and thick heels décolleté, decorated with a buckle from the seventies, unfold in blue shades as the clothing color and in black as the leather bag.

I would recommend this outfit for all those days that in this middle season, from here to the explosion of the first warm, will find us sometimes in difficulty in choosing the look. With these clothes you will not run the risk of being wrong, on the contrary you will be chic and practical at the same time on every occasions, elegant and trendy, without going unnoticed!

I wish you a good start of Spring.


Overcoat: Forte-Forte, Denim Jeans: Fendi, Shirt: Massimo Alba


Bag: Louis Vuitton

Pumps: Dior

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