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Ouverture in Anteprima

There are days when we want to be special, but we do not know what to wear, we have to be elegant and practical at the same time, without having to think of too many combinations. Here is an idea that can solve everything.

The long black dress should not only be relegated to the evening, but you can also wear it for a day look. It just needs to have a fierce style and be paired with the right accessories. A look that should seem a bit random but surprisingly chic

Now that we are heading for a warmer season and finally we will not have to worry about what to wear on clothes, a black dress can be the solution for the complete look, functional and trendy.

For the day it is certainly unexpected and in my opinion very particular. The combination I prefer is then what I'm showing you today, a street-style with a bon ton touch.

I'm out for lunch at Soulgreen's, a very cool and contemporary location, both in decor and for the menu selection. I enjoy wearing an elegant dress, soft and with clean lines. I combined it with a light gray bag finely work crafted entirely by hand - knitting produced as if it were a pull- and with very bon ton black pumps.

The ring earrings add a bit gipsy touch, very modern.

This is the concept of the woman as described by the Fall Winter 2017/2018 Anteprima runway, where I was invited during the fashion week in Milan. Anteprima outlined a fierce and contemporary feminine profile, through long pleated skirts accompanied by asymmetric capes, along with dresses lending a soft and sophisticated femininity.

The feminine profile of an independent woman, a little rebellious to the constraints but at the same time determined and committed, who wants to better express her femininity every day: dressing in a comfy way, preferring essential lines and colors such as black, blue, purple with yellow mix, without giving up on elegance and refinement.

With the presentation of the collection, Anteprima reconfirms her great ability to inspire women who daily face a metropolitan life, to give a touch of originality to their days through a city style and glamour.

And the dress I'm wearing in these photos is the evidence.

Outfit Anteprima: dress, bag, pumps Earrings: Anteprima

Location: SoulGreen- Plant-Based Cuisine- Milano

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