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Mardi Gras

The adult who does not play has lost forever the child who lived in him - Pablo Neruda

I think one important thing in life is the ability to preserve within oneself the typical aspects of being kids, that is, the excitement, the fun, the desire to play and to get involved. Do not be afraid of lightness: take life lightly does not mean being superficial, absolutely not! It means to use your own intelligence to defuse things, observing the world with an optimistic and conscious view.

We should always find what makes us smile and do it with the same passion, energy and charm of children when they play.

Today is Shrove Tuesday and it is one of those occasions when I have no qualms about having fun, thinking first about how to disguise and then playing with it over the course of the evening. In Milan actually the Carnival does not end on Shrove Tuesday, but on the following Saturday because, according to tradition, St. Ambrose, patron Saint of Milan, was engaged in a pilgrimage and asked the people of the city to wait for his return to begin the Lenten liturgies .

Also this year I'm here: I'm a longtime customer of Fanes Dolomiti Wellness Hotel of San Cassiano, where the Mardi Gras festivity is particularly felt and finely organized.

This evening I planned to dress as a lady of the Court. I wear a skirt with a rich and precious workmanship damask, designed by Karl Lagerfeld for Fendi. It looks like wearing an antique tapestry, which makes me fitting perfectly into the part. I paired it with very sophisticated Dolce & Gabbana pumps in damask fabric, having a detail of bright stones in the buckle, just as in the French courts.

I'm wearing antique jewelry, a band pearl bracelet with a blue sapphires decorated buckle, coupled with sapphires earrings and a Chanel joaillerie pearl ring.

This evening the menu was really special, ended up with a jubilation of traditional desserts recipes: pancakes, waffles, crostoli... A really fat Tuesday, but it will not be hard to get over its sins, skiing tomorrow on the beautiful slopes!!

My outfit:

Skirt by Fendi, Spring/Summer 2017

Black Top by Mari Boutique Milano

Pumps by Dolce E Gabbana, Spring/Summer 2017

Pearls Bague by Chanel Joaillerie

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