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Yesterday in Fendi, chez Maria Antonietta's court

Yesterday, for the presentation of the Spring Summer 2017 Collection, I have been invited to spend the day at the Fendi Boutique in Milan, where, with wonderful flower decorations and top pastry masterpieces, an atmosphere like the court of Marie Antoinette was magically recreated.

Marie Antoinette, who appreciated music and played harp and harpsichord, was for her time an icon of beauty and elegance: admired for her style, she laid down the law in fashion, becoming a source of inspiration both at that time - whatever the Queen of France wore was immediately imitated at Versailles and in other great courts of Europe - and today. Timeless icon then, Marie Antoinette was the first sovereign in the world having launched the concept of fashion women within a court. And so the embroidered bodices, the full skirts, lace, jewels and precious fabrics, baroque lace, feathers and extravagant hairstyles become to establish themselves even in high contemporary fashion.

Already since her early years in Versailles as the Dauphine, Marie Antoinette did not like the style of the court ladies- still influenced by the style King Sun reign- as considering it too old fashioned and pompous. As a Queen then, Marie Antoinette initially adapted herself to the Rococo style of the time, but later she developed a love for the refined and simple elegance, creating her own personal style, typically rococo style but with lines, colors and completely new details.

This new Fendi collection, decisively inspired by the style of Queen Marie Antoinette, is a crescendo of beauty in its unique lines and in the celebration of floral patterns, in various shades of pink, white, pastel colors. Karl Lagerfeld has really created something truly unique, being able to mix the opulence of the Rococo style with an all essential and sporty clothing functionality. Female schmaltz and sporty touches together, like this splendid mink jacket laser manufactured, with large pockets, a real gem, combined with baggy pants in the same color.

But it is also the celebration of brocade manufacturing in bright colors and with golden plot, like this enchanting skirt, whose decorations shine on the silk beige solid base . It is such a piece of art to be also carried on short dresses and even on sweatshirts, reflecting the perfect combination of rococo and modernity.

This beautiful long dress in organza with flower decorations and golden fabric, combined with these comfy boots in the Flyknit technical Nike fabric, in prêt à porter version. I like this style contamination between richly decorated and technical clothing. The boots are really sensational, I fell in love with them.

There are dresses with a slim shape, light and wearable models, enriched with decorations ranging from floral designs in metallic fil coupe metallic to the perfect reproduction of the three-dimensional organza ornaments, always in pale and delicate colors: apricot, pink bon bon, a green between the sage and the sorbet. A perfect cross between period costume and contemporary.

The Fendi Maison offers a style and and elegance that never gets serious, on the contrary, keeps on lightly entertaining, with the very best of raw materials and superior handcrafted pieces of work. Making use of brocades, inspired by chairs and sofas, or by stucco combined with technical fabrics, and garments originated by the sports world. A really fun game that frames the leading role of the collection: the new bag "KAN I," a hyper decorated model with beautiful multi-colored straps. T

"Let them eat the croissants "phrase that Marie Antoinette would have said about the starving people of Paris ... well Marie Antoinette of France, as confirmed by researches, has never pronounced that sentence!

And although I love so much croissants, today I definitely prefer to speak about baguettes!! Obviously Fendi's...

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