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Street style bon ton

Street Style is a term used to describe fashion inspired by trends resulting from the street, where everyone expresses one's own personality through the look, made up with various colors and overlapping different fabrics. Street style has the merit of bringing out your own character, your own style and to give a message: basically clothes become a symbol and a mean of communication that takes into account cultural interactions together with the surrounding environment.

It is not such a simple style, even it is often underestimated its complexity, as there are some conditions to be respected to create a true street style: you must dare a bit always keeping in mind your personality if you want to be impressive, choosing clothes in line with your taste and enriching your outfit with the right accessories. It is important to have your hair always in order and a perfect make-up, street-style does not mean to be messy!

To obtain a flawless style, clothes and accessories must not be matched randomly, therefore the look has to be studied in detail, as street style does not mean wrong and overlooked pairing. On the contrary, in addition to finding the right combination among the different pieces to wear, the match with the right accessories is essential to emphasize the look, also giving a touch in contrast with the apparently casual style of the outfit.

For example, today I paired a white midi skirt, which at the bottom opens like a corolla and reveals a romantic style, with a beautiful shiny silk bomber jacket, green turquoise, in perfect union with the romantic pumps. The Bomber recalls the wrists striped details and with its wide and soft line enhances the white skirt sleek.

I then chose a white silk top with large orange polka dots, a must for the Spring season, which stands out even more under the flamboyant and brilliant color of the bomber.

And now let's talk about accessories. The golden champagne bag with his stranded manufacturing is certainly the detail that makes the difference: it is perfect in its length with silver chain and is an unexpected bon ton touch on the set. It also creates a whole with the jewels, binding perfectly with the long golden chain, the round neck, the bracelet and ring. The game is to create a sparkle illuminating the outfit even more.

So, the secret of street style is just this, present yourself in a different way, surprisingly finding unexpected combinations though carefully designed in coherence with your own personality.

Outfit: skirt, polka dots top, bomber jacket by Anteprima

Bag and pumps: Anteprima

Jewels: Dior chain, Chanel ring

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