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24 Carats gold for 24 hours

Unable to resist the allure of everything that glitters: bags, clothes and shoes bring a ray of light in a luxurious, sophisticated and tremendously glamorous wardrobe: how to introduce what appears to be the color of the most precious metal, a wonderful solution to shine even in the saddest days of winter. Most certainly we must wear it without hesitation. Even in a total look if you want to dare, or mismatched, gold goes well in both day and night. As my today outfit, a very feminine skirt with a plot worked and decorated with fringes, combined with a woven silk shirt with gold threads, together with perfectly matching accessories.

In the world of fashion Baroques's influence has always been heard. Rich curvilinear signs, animated by showy forms, by polycentric harmonies, by the triumph of gold. In a play of light and shadow here is the Baroque style, the movement that marked the aesthetics of the seventeenth and early eighteenth century. With a strong theatrical flavor, fashion Baroque is characterized by its formal redundancy, the complexity of the plots, the eccentricity of the decorations, the textile sumptuousness. In the seventeenth century, in particular, the clothes were distinguished by the Eastern influence, present in the shapes and textures of the fabrics, as well as by the research driven towards fantasy and imagination. The name Baroque has a Portuguese origin: it derives from Baroco meaning "uneven and rough stone".

Classy, elegant and often extravagant: the gold this year sees his triumph, not only with regard to clothing, but also for accessories and jewelry. Origins of gold come from very far. The Egyptian pharaohs wore gold quilted clothing. In the tomb of Tutankhamun were found clothes of his wardrobe, including many sandals in gold. Between 1300 and 1400 in Europe the golden threads were used to decorate wool or silk dress of wealthy people . In 1351 Edward III of England devised an embroidery workshop in the Tower of London to create clothes for him and his wife with silver embroidery and gold. Going forward in time we get to 1700: the nobles loved to dress this precious color in Venice. And the pumps I wear in this picture remind the damask patterns of Venetian outfits, and like those, they are decorated with precious stones too.

Gold is a color that has left an indelible mark in the world of cinema, as a detail of class through the great style icons. Every diva chose during her career a gold sequin dress to be remembered. One for all: in 1932 the wonderful Greta Garbo wore the clothes of the most famous spy of all time, Mata Hari, with a laminate costume with gold and precious stones, creating an unforgettable look in the history of cinema.

The passion for gold involves the entire fashion, regardless hour and occasion. As in these pictures, even the everyday clothes are embellished with gold details and sequins, rolled garments in gold, often long or short just below the knee and falling down softly. And then the accessories, to the point without skimping!

Outfit: Dries Van Noten skirt, GoldenGoose mohair gilet, Goods gold silk lacework shirt

Accessories: Lucky Charms Dior bag, Dolce Gabbana pumps, Dior earings

Chanel make-up

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