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The way to perfection for your skin

Did you know that the large New York avenue called Broadway - literally broad way - is one of the oldest north-south axes of the city, born on Wickquasgeck Trail, a trail blazed by Native Americans in the bush and in the marshes of the island Manhattan? With the arrival of the Dutch, the old route became the main communication route in New Amsterdam, the original core of the city of New York.

I'm leaving for the long flight that will take me to New York and I would not the skin of my face to be subjected to a too high stress, for long hours in a pressurized air environment. In fact, the lack of moisture in the flight cabin and the pressurization system, which makes the air very dry, tend to dehydrate the delicate facial skin, making it dull. So I started to prepare my skin already in the days before the trip, following a specific routine.

While I think about how I will dress in New York - weather is expected rather chilly - I start to lie down on my face Skin Caviar Essence-in-lotion, an amazing infusion concentrating the assets of caviar, especially rich in nutrients and minerals. It absorbs quickly and my skin immediately appears more relaxed and smooth, soft and hydrated. This infusion has a fragrance so good that is felt throughout the environment. It becomes my favorite daily basis. During the flight then I plan to continue my beauty routine with Cellular Radiance cream that I apply on the face every hour, against the dehydrating effects of cabin and while maintaining and improving the skin's elasticity, will help me to protect hydration.Despite the many flight hours my skin is always well hydrated, firm and refreshed.

The Broadway is marked by a series of "squares", some are simple triangular clearings, other larger as the famous Times Square, which prompted the construction of some interesting buildings, such as the Flatiron Building. Even Union Square on Fourteenth Street is on Broadway. Besides being the oldest, Broadway is the longest street in New York and ends right on Wall Street - which takes its name from the wall erected and used on many occasions as a defense against attack from various Indian tribes.

The "Canyons of Manhattan" are the metropolitan gorges among the Avenues, where the wind blows even at 100 km per hour. At the intersection with Broadway, the wind picks up on the tops of the trees of Central Park, speeding along the boulevard surrounding the park and is unleashed so much so that even the Flatiron cannot manage to quench its violence. The good thing is that this morning I laid on my face Cellular Radiance concentrated pure gold - a rich and concentrated serum which moisturizes my face with its nutrients and energizing agents and lights it, thanks to its basic formula of pure gold, on which then I also abounded with Cellular Radiance cream that protects me from the wind and cold, so intense in these days.

In New York you always find the latest trends in food and the two places where I've been for brunch - Little Park and Lafayette - and for dinner, the NoMad Restaurant, as well as being all very cool locations, have a rich and varied menu with many proposals, tasty vegetarian and protein too, for those who want to choose to eat in a healthy way without sacrificing flavor. New York is the city that never sleeps, so between the jet-lag and the fact that I'm always around, my eyes are likely to be affected. So I laid Cellular Eye Contour Essence platinum, a serum that gives a tensor and a firmed appearance effect which lasts for many hours releasing a protective and moisturizing layer. My eye area is so revitalized and the slight swelling caused by jet lag has disappeared.

Then, to cope with these intense days, I've been helped a lot by the Cellular Radiance eye cream that reduced dark circles generated by fatigue, giving me a radiant brightness and making the skin around the eyes very elastic. Strolling around in a department store, I was invited to make me make up my eyes because the makeup artist was attracted by their brightness!

I usually drink a lot of veg juices and here in New York I found and tasted many. Before the return flight I intensify the quantity, to give my body the right amount of minerals and liquids. The La Prairie infusion, serums and platinum creams particularly helped to protect my face from dehydration effects in these days, maintaining its elasticity and giving a radiant brightness so visible, that even my daughter on my return to Milan has noticed the difference!

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